Thursday, April 17, 2008

Telus Employee

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Hey, this guy must be a Telus guy. Don't say I don't give Telus a voice on my blog!

Some guy's response to the post below:

What the hell are you talking about, whoever told you that should be fired. Your phone has a warranty for 1 year and it will be honoured in that manner unless the phone has physical or liquid damage in which thats your fault not Telus RIGHT!! You customers dont seem to get that if you drop the phone in liquid or you run over your phone or whatever kind of physical damage you do to it its not covered under NO warranty what so ever.

Im not saying this is the case with your phone, that phone model has several different issues with it and you seem to be having the worse luck with phones. Keep in mind its an electronic device, they have problems like everything else has problems, they are not made perfect in which every single customer thinks cell phones are made just perfect! I deal with this kinda stuff everyday and when I sell phones to my customers they are made aware of this before they sign a contract.

Telus Phone Warranty

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Telus customer service doesn't care. Here's another good read:

Couldn't agree more. My daughter signed with Telus less than 90 days ago and so far has had the phone replaced twice and now the third phone is in for repair the second time (Same model LG8100). I was told by one of their customer client staff that even though the phone has a one year warranty that Telus can say they will not honour the warranty and that my high school daughter will have to buy a phone at full price or pay out the remaining contract. I was also informed that the phone (the one with Telus stamped on it, came in a Telus box and was paid for at a Telus store) is not their responsibility!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Telus Cell Reviews

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It's starting Telus...Right now we're ranked #1 in Google for the keyword Telus Cell Reviews. Yeehaw!

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