Thursday, April 17, 2008

Telus Employee

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Hey, this guy must be a Telus guy. Don't say I don't give Telus a voice on my blog!

Some guy's response to the post below:

What the hell are you talking about, whoever told you that should be fired. Your phone has a warranty for 1 year and it will be honoured in that manner unless the phone has physical or liquid damage in which thats your fault not Telus RIGHT!! You customers dont seem to get that if you drop the phone in liquid or you run over your phone or whatever kind of physical damage you do to it its not covered under NO warranty what so ever.

Im not saying this is the case with your phone, that phone model has several different issues with it and you seem to be having the worse luck with phones. Keep in mind its an electronic device, they have problems like everything else has problems, they are not made perfect in which every single customer thinks cell phones are made just perfect! I deal with this kinda stuff everyday and when I sell phones to my customers they are made aware of this before they sign a contract.


Anonymous said...

BullShit! No one has ever told me anything like that! Go back to your Keosk and keep sucking the blood out of your customers!

tablemanners said...

Learn how to write. Understand that this stuff happens no matter the corporation. Move out east and see how much everyone hates Bell. TELUS took over from 2 disfunctional companies, ABTEL and BCTEL.. The platform they run on is horrendous but if you make changes quickly then everything goes down and you lose everyone. Therefore changes are slow but happening.. I dont care where you go but if you're an idiot customer please leave telus, we dont need you.

Anonymous said...

These responses almost mirror the lack of customer service that I get from Telus Mobility when I call. Does it not occur to Telus Mobility to talk pleasantly to its angry customers so that they DON'T all cancel their contracts, or finish them off, and go to another provider? My biggest complaint regarding Telus Mobility is their lack of compassion when dealing with angry customers. Well, as your employee mentioned here, you don't need your "idiot customers". So I will be happy to leave. In fact, today I lowered my family plan to the minimum amount, in order to avoid giving Telus all of my money at once. I have now signed a contract with Rogers and we will give them the majority of our money, while Telus Mobility will receive a measly $40.00/ mth. Compared with the $210.00/ month that they were receiving from me. This decision was made because any time we voice a problem, T.M. does nothing to resolve our concerns.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has returned more than 33 phones to Edmonton Cellular for warranty repair or replacement for his employer. To date exactly 0 have been repaired or replaced under warranty.
I was denied warranty coverage under your "water rule" Trouble is - there had never been any water.
I was cheated.

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows... It was confirmed by current telus employees that Koodoo is actually just telus without a monthly plan fee. Of course their representatives act like they don't know this and are not able to do a comparison because they are two different companies, but that is in name only. Customers are being ripped off and can get the same level of cell service without paying more. If you can stand the absolutely disgusting poor quality or lack of customer service that they provide that is!

Anonymous said...

I understand that if I lose, drop, or immerse my phone is some liquid substance... I have to get a replacement phone.... I get that... so why do you have to make it such an even more painful ordeal to do so??? Telus... you customer care reps have absolutely NO communication skills! And I cringe everytime I have to call you and take 5 minutes to talk to someone... for a half hour+ before any action starts to take place???!!! And for the person who writes up these pages of responses these care reps read off... shame on you... spend some money... teach them the skils... better yet... hire someone who has the ability to do so... and pay them better than a sweat shop third world company.... because that is what you have become!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the warranty does not cover liquid damage/pysical damage. However understand also from the inside. The reps are really treated like dirt. Management enjoys driving them hard and if they resist Telus does everything within their ability to crush them. The company is cheap and doesnt pay its employees decently for the misery that they are forced to endure. Promotions are few and far between, and often do not go to those deserving of it seems the more cut throat you are and the more ass you can kiss the faster youll move up the ranks. Employees are "encouraged" to express their opinions but if its an opinion that doesnt agree with management they are singled out struck down and written up. Hard work earns you nothing in the industry, seems only "ass-kissing" and "bullshit" gets you anywhere. Are customers gouged? Yes. Are there many inept employees? Yes. However that comes from terrible management. The only concern upper echelon management has is for the bottom line. They have no care for those that serve under them as long as they screw over the people underneath and collect their nice bonuses at year end. Keep that in mind when you deal with the front line employees they are people too, just like you their trying to get along in the word until a better opportunity comes along, and they are limited in what can be done at the front end. Telus cares little for its customers and even less for the people that work the front line... all that drives them is money, and they share as little of it as possible.

Anonymous said...

The new age company. Overcharge, bad reception, no support, mysterious
charges, huge hidden fees, and all at your expense. They learned it from Bell, and took it a step further. There's more money to be made in bad business than a righteous one. Think your number is safe with Telus? If your phone gets hacked, they will lie back and let the fees build.

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