Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Telus Mobility Milestone - 500 visitors per month

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Dear Telus douche bags,

In case you're wondering this blog receives about 500 visitors a month right now. It's not a lot, but you know what, it's growing consistently every month at a rate of 5%. Interestingly, it grows whether or not I write new posts because you keep fueling your own fire by pissing off nice people who are more than happy to contribute their genuine Telus Mobility comments.

If you look at this site as counter-advertising, it's costing you about $125 dollars a month (500 visitors per month @ $0.25 per visitor). Over a five year period ,without taking any growth in to consideration, that's $7,500 dollars - about 10x more than the money you took from me.

I think I can speak for everyone here. It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add my take on this pathetic company. I can't wait for my contract to run out and as soon as it does I will be running in the other direction. Incompetent, unskilled, pathetic excuses for so called client services agent, and e-care, they should called themselves e-diots. I am presently in a battle via emails with the worst client service agents you could possibly imagine, and all I keep hearing is....are you ready....? these charges are legitimate. Which I can assure you, they most definitley are not.
In any case, please for the sake of everyone decent out there, stay away from TELUS.

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