Thursday, April 17, 2008

Telus Employee

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Hey, this guy must be a Telus guy. Don't say I don't give Telus a voice on my blog!

Some guy's response to the post below:

What the hell are you talking about, whoever told you that should be fired. Your phone has a warranty for 1 year and it will be honoured in that manner unless the phone has physical or liquid damage in which thats your fault not Telus RIGHT!! You customers dont seem to get that if you drop the phone in liquid or you run over your phone or whatever kind of physical damage you do to it its not covered under NO warranty what so ever.

Im not saying this is the case with your phone, that phone model has several different issues with it and you seem to be having the worse luck with phones. Keep in mind its an electronic device, they have problems like everything else has problems, they are not made perfect in which every single customer thinks cell phones are made just perfect! I deal with this kinda stuff everyday and when I sell phones to my customers they are made aware of this before they sign a contract.

Telus Phone Warranty

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Telus customer service doesn't care. Here's another good read:

Couldn't agree more. My daughter signed with Telus less than 90 days ago and so far has had the phone replaced twice and now the third phone is in for repair the second time (Same model LG8100). I was told by one of their customer client staff that even though the phone has a one year warranty that Telus can say they will not honour the warranty and that my high school daughter will have to buy a phone at full price or pay out the remaining contract. I was also informed that the phone (the one with Telus stamped on it, came in a Telus box and was paid for at a Telus store) is not their responsibility!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Telus Cell Reviews

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It's starting Telus...Right now we're ranked #1 in Google for the keyword Telus Cell Reviews. Yeehaw!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Telus Mobility Plan - Free Evenings and Weekends... NOT

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Fresh from a search on Telus Mobility!

By: Andrew Muir

The Future is Un-Friendly: Why TELUS Mobility Sucks So Hard

Recently I’ve had a bit of trouble with a company called TELUS Mobility. For those of you who don’t know, they’re a cellular provider here in British Columbia, and they suck balls.

I’m on a 3-year plan with them. I have always had a contract that includes free evenings and weekends. The problem is that they changed the details of my contract without telling me, and as a result I was being chargedfor my evenings and weekends. My bills were soaring from an average of $45/month to $120/month. It has taken several months and many phonecalls to even begin scratching the surface of the problem. I eventually figured out their mistake, and insisted upon being reimbursed. I have yet to receive their statement of how much financial restitution I will receive. But you know what? The money isn’t even the point.

The point is that cellular providers are committing highway robbery. Companies are supposed to serve the greater good of society by providing a reliable service at a reasonable price. As consumers, we should have control over the market. When did we begin accepting their terms so helplessly? My friend Jason was charged a $70 “Convenience Fee” just because he bought a phone from a friend and switched over. Luckil he had the gall to get it back, but what about the people who are too meek to stand up for themselves? Is that ethical? And where does that $70 go? It doesn’t take much labour (or a great deal of resources) for TELUS to make the switch. That $70 is pure profit, and it goes straight to funding fat bonuses for TELUS’s overpaid executives.

Well the jokes on them. One by one people are gonna just get more and more pissed off, and eventually they will either switch to another mobile service, or abandon their cellphones altogether. At some point we have to ask ourselves whether or not cellular phones are really so necessary, and whether they are actually worth the astonishing amount of money that we tend to pay through bullshit hidden fees. Eventually people will get too frustrated with their careless customer service, and they will just give up and switch to alternative means of communication (VoIP for example).

So I’m going to do my duty to the cellular market. I’m switching providers when my shitty contract is up, and I recommend to all my friends and family to stay away from TELUS Mobility. I have had too many problems with their service, and I’ve spoken to many other customers who have had similar complaints. I find their “voice recognition” customer service hotline creepy and unhelpful. Their dealers are slimy,deceitful and incompetent. Their “future is friendly” ad campaign with the cute animals insults my intelligence. Also, their products and packages downright suck. Don’t buy anything from TELUS!! And if you find that the other cellular providers are the same, then use a payphone. I swear, if they don’t clean up their acts, their business will only suffer in the longrun. Consumer satisfaction is the guiding force of the market, and by ignoring this they are alienating themselves from the market in a significant way.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Telus Mobility - Greed

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Yikes again! I wish there was something more we could all do after Telus abuses us. Read on...

After being talked into trying multiple 'plans' with Telus Mobility, none of which reduced the monthly cost compared to a landline, I called in July and cancelled my account.

When I got yet another statement in August, I called twice that month and was told I was supposed to talk with a 'cancellation team' and that telling the customer service agent I reached after waiting in a 'cue' for about 30 minutes was insufficient to cancel my account.

When I paid my July statement in August, however, I was charged a $30 'reconnection fee', which I questioned since I was told the account wasn't cancelled.

I have also received statements in September and August although I haven't used my cell phone since July.

The Telus Mobility representative I dealt with during one to two calls in August literally had me in tears and at that point I literally had to ask him to put me in contact with the 'cancellation team' in order to cancel my cell phone service.

I haven't used my cell phone since July, but the company will be referring my account to a collection agency and affecting my credit rating.

I have had a land line account with Telus for decades. I've never been treated like this by any other service company.

The customer service agents aren't there for customer service; they're marketers trained to technically keep the customer on the hook for more charges.

I have no option but to contact the CRTC about my experience; and I have no doubt that I am not alone. The class action suit regarding the 'Access fee' I've been charged for the years I had my cell phone account are but the tip of the iceberg.

Telus Mobility in my experience is synonymous with corporate coercion and greed.

Telus Mobility Phone Plan - Rip Off

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I thought I'd pop in and share another story. Yes Telus, this blog will keep on going until you do something about your cusotmer service. Readers, enjoy!

I had a 3 year service contract for private cell phone with Telus Mobility. The contract ended and I started using a cell phone through my office so no longer needed my private line. I called to cancel the private cell was told by customer service to: give the account to my kids so they would be safe, give it to my parents so they could be safe, neighbors, etc.

I was then told it couldn't be canceled because I was in the middle of a monthly billing cycle. They continue to bill me for 2 months until I called then back and told them I was not going to pay for a cell phone I canceled and was not using. They told me they would just send the account to a collection agency if I didn't pay, which they did. They threated me with destroying my credit rating. I'm still getting harassing calls for the $40 almost 2 years later. They can get the money when they pry from my cold dead hands. What a horrible way to treat customers. I will never do business with them again.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Shortie but a Goodie - Telus Mobility

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I don't think this one needs an introduction:

I hate Telus.

Just got a bill for $245 because their system was messed up....spent 40mins on hold on the phone...long story short...I have HAD enough!!!: flamemad:

How do I get out of the contract!? I have 6 mths left but my fiance (we're on a family plan) has another 2 years!!!


Disgruntled Telus Trooper

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This isn't the most credible story, but it's an interesting one. It looks like Darcy was going to get fired. In all honesty, I'd probably fire him too. At least his heart was in a good place. Please excuse Darcy's spelling and grammar. Enjoy.

darcy shawchek wrote:

I HATE TELUS I sell cellphones for telus at avu in bc there lying cheating bastards that mislead even there own cell selling pawns. About 1.5 months ago i sold a 580 aircard to a guy with the conect megabyte 100 unlimited plan and told him it was unlimited as the plan brosure clearly stated. the guy came back to the store frantic with a 14000.00 internet bill telus told him his limit was 250 megabytes and he was to pay at least 50% of the bill in order to keep his good credit rating.
the realy bad thing and themost dishartening thing is that on the plan brosure beside the stated (UNLIMITED) is a minute #1 wha the hell is it? Well if you flip the brosure over it says in very fine print “TELUS Mobillity reserves the right to limit usage to 100 megabytes per month” quote unquote.
those misleading money grubling loosers care more about screwing thier customers than coming up with a technology to allow there customers to use there product without blind faith.
some devious prick admin thought of this intentialy to rake in the millions and most likely got a huge cut
and im the stupid blind arse that caused it. not to mention that i also sined a good freind to an aircard for the same purpose. the 14000.00 was for the use of the aircard to play an online game called “world of war crack”
an extremely addictive online game that can easily be played on a dial up modem. half of 14000.00 hardly seems fair and if you sell a product for internet usage you should be able to use it especialy for 100.00 a month for a crappy slow internet connection.

Posted on 05-Oct-06 at 1:26 am | Permalink

darcy shawchek wrote:

if any body has any help fo me in abling me to revolt against telus feel free to email me at dr.shawchek@hotmail .com

Posted on 05-Oct-06 at 1:29 am | Permalink

darcy shawchek wrote:

please remove my coments, i fear my employment if it isnt removed by tomorow

Score: Us 1 - Telus 0

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We launched a Google campaign 2-days ago on Telus and Telus related keywords to market our blog. Of course, Telus wasn't advertising on the word "Telus". I mean, why would they, since they already show up all over the first page of natural results. It would be a total waste of money.

Today, 2-days after we started, Telus is advertising on "Telus" and seems to be upping their bids. To start, it was only $0.12 per click. It looks like Telus has upped their bid to more than $6.00 per click! - Score!

Way to go Telus, now you're paying $6.00+ a click to talk to customers who are already on their way to seeking you out. Let's multiply that $6.00 click by a conversion rate of 1% (which is pretty good online). These customers would cost you about $600 each. Even if Telus is only buying 10 clicks per day at $6.00 each, their new campaign would cost them $21,900 for the year. I hope you took your SEM guy out for lunch after this brilliant move. You're not buying 100 clicks a day are you? - Ouch!

Now our little ad campaign shows up randomly throughout Google content channels on strategic keywords. Happy hunting. There's about 20 meaningful Tier-2 search engines too we're now trying out.



Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enjoying Your 3-year Contract?

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From the Telus Sucks group on Facebook. Too true.

Telus Mobility Review on Google

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It will show up every morning in Google, until the clicks run out for that day, indefinitely. Pretty, isn't it. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mmmmm Telus gets "Madkasted"

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Sweet! Now you can distribute all of our stories with the touch of that cool green button on every post. Mmmmmm, let the Telus stories flow. I think I'll Digg a few just for fun; it feels so good.

How Telus robbed me for more than $700 (In my Opinion)

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When Amp’d mobile, powered by Telus, was introduced I was thrilled. I signed a 3-year contract for the sexy MotoQ with an End the Boredom 125 (ETB 125) plan, including unlimited Data, and Amp’d premium multimedia services like streaming Much Music. I even received a free slingbox to get unlimited streaming cable TV on my MotoQ. This sounds amazing right? It was, until Amp’d went bankrupt only 2-months later, and I realized Telus is (in my opinion) the most evil company you can possibly imagine.

Here’s what happened:

Telus announced the AMP’d plans would no longer be available. I thought, “that sucks, but it’s not Telus’ fault. They can’t provide services they don’t have access to”. Telus Mobility called and offered me several nice incentives to sign another contract and choose another plan. They even offered to give me another free phone and pay for the accessories I purchased previously.

I listened politely and reviewed my options. Unfortunately for me, there weren’t any new plans that suited me. I purchased the phone and ETB 125 plan because of the AMP’d multimedia enhancements and data plan. Telus wasn’t offering anything similar. I declined their offer for a new service. The kind lady on the phone mentioned that I should choose a new plan because if I didn’t, my phone would eventually be disconnected from Telus, but in the meantime Telus would simply charge me for the minutes I was using.

"I said I'd be happy to pay for the minutes I use"

That doesn’t sound so bad right? Wrong, begin Evil Part 1:

Evil Part 1 – We will continue to charge you for services we’re no longer offering which were the ones you signed up for

Telus charged me the entire monthly fee for the ETB 125 plan which they were no longer offering over multiple billing periods. So, I was charged for Premium multimedia services which were now disabled on my phone. To give you an idea, the ETB 125 was ~$137.50 per month, while the bill for the minutes that I used on a comparable Telus Mobility plan was ~$40.00 per month.

When I called Telus customer service repeatedly to talk about this, the woman on the phone contemptuously told me, “you should have chosen another plan, and you wouldn’t have this problem”.

To make it worse, Telus wouldn’t credit my account for the 3-months of free ETB 125 service they were supposed to provide, which was clearly written on my contract.

The woman on the phone said “There was never such a promotion”. Pulling out my hair, I politely offered to fax her my contract, since she was unwilling to go and find it. Honestly, I don’t even think they kept their Amp’d contracts.

I couldn’t get anywhere with this woman, nor any one of her belligerent “same response” clones during any of the other calls I made. So, I decided I’d try again later.

Later, I was in full dispute mode because now Telus was asking for upwards of $500. After being forwarded to a new special Amp’d support team (which in my opinion was a special task force assembled to minimize Telus’ losses on the bankruptcy, and to squeeze out former Amp’d customers who wouldn’t drink the Telus “Kool-Aid) I asked for a detailed copy of my bill.

Why were these people so mean? I actually found out later, from an inside source, that Telus actually has an A and B designation for customers. He said Telus trains their service representatives to treat B customers differently, and differently for me meant with great contempt.

“We don’t mail out AMP’d bills. They are only available on the website,” said Liz with a voice so Icy it felt like getting a freezing needle in my eye.

Well, I responded “The Amp’d website has been shutdown because the company is bankrupt, so how would you suggest I get my bill so that I can feel comfortable that the $500 you're asking for is the right amount?” She said she could send it to me, but nobody at Telus would discuss the amount with me.

“She said I could either pay for the alleged amount, or be taken to their credit agency where my credit would be ruined.”

She wouldn’t give me an employee ID number or her last name. Surprise Surprise. She also wouldn’t transfer me to up, sideways, down, or diagonally to talk to anyone else about my bill. She also didn’t care that I was still being charged for AMP’d services they could no longer provide because “I had a chance to sign-up for another plan”.

So basically the Telus message was “Sign up for a new plan because we can't provide your old one. If you don't cooperate with us we’ll overcharge you for your phone. And, if you don't do exactly as we say, we'll ruin your credit”.

Knowing a fair bit about basic contract law, I figured eventually I’d find a way to talk to a rational person at Telus, or win out in the end because no party in Canada can materially alter their consideration in a contract and force the other party to comply. It’s called a breach which terminates the contract –even if you’re Telus. What I didn’t know, is how truly evil Telus can be.

Evil Part 2 – We demand payment for the incorrect bill we’re not willing to review AND a $700 dollar termination fee for the 3-year contract we (Telus) can't fullfil.

At this point, I’m at Met Credit, their credit agency. At first they said the same thing as Telus “pay or we’ll ruin your credit”. After explaining the entire story, I actually found my contact there willing to help me out. It’s scary that the credit agency team was nicer to me than the Telus team – even when I was still a customer.

I still didn’t have a bill so Met Credit asked me to try and get it again. Interestingly, I could talk on the phone with Telus representatives and they would rattle off everything on their screen to the smallest detail, regarding my account, but none of them would send it to me, so that I could consider making a payment. I must have spoken to 8 people over the course of a week. Every time I asked for the bill, i was put on hold. Afterwards, the person i was talking to came and said in a small uncertain voice "Sorry sir, I cannot send this bill to you". Ludicrous.

Later I understood it was partly because nasty Liz wrote on her computer that I’d declined her offer to send the bill to me. Of course, the rest of the context of that call wasn’t “noted”. It’s funny because the Telus contract says you don’t owe Telus any money until you receive an invoice. I shared this clause with Metcredit and my guy agreed.

Since I had never received an invoice because the amp’ website wasn't live, they eventually sent me an invoice, after we (the metcredit contact) and I pushed.

The “not so funniest” part was that the detailed invoice, after a month of trying to get it, wasn’t a detailed invoice at all. It contained two lines. ~$500 (plus interest) for the plan I wasn’t using, and now an additional ~$700 (plus interest) for a termination fee!

Quickly I was talking to the general manager of Met Credit. He offered to help me talk to Telus about what went on. After he forwarded my story to some unknown person at Telus, their official response went something like this:

“Since you had a chance to pay for your bill and declined to have it sent to you, and because you didn’t want a new plan, we’re charging you the $500 amount, and a $700 early termination fee.”

Remember, the $500 was a bill charged based on a premium plan they weren’t even providing me over the billing period, and the $700 dollars was a termination fee for a 3-year contract they could no longer fulfill.

Near the end of this whole nightmare, I wrote an email to Telus and MetCredit letting them know that if they made any alteration to my credit while knowing about what really went on that I would take action. They read the email and responded.

MetCredit promised that my credit would not be altered while we were researching my account. Unfortunately, my first contact moved to another division during a crucial 7-day time where Metcredit automatically affected my credit. My account slipped through the cracks and was damaged.

With no other option, shamefully I paid the full amount, including the (in my opinion) illegal ~$700 charge. I thought any damage to my credit, however small, was not worth the $1,200 I should have witheld from Telus until they agreed to ratinonally determine what I should pay them.

So Telus, here we are. I thought about taking you to court and representing myself. But, then I realized you have lawyers, probably an army of them, on retainer just in case one of the customers you victimize actually has some fight left in them.

I don't think winning my money back in court would affect any change in your policies. Further, the amount of time it would take to get it done wouldn't be worth the effort. I think this is what you usually count on.

Canadians will learn how you treat your customers. Maybe someday you will learn to treat them with some respect.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Telus - $ 438.05 in unauthorized charges withdrawn from savings account

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Telus Mobility, way to go again. Turn up the power on those fluffy bunnies so we keep buying your phones...

RE: Telus - $ 438.05 in unauthorized charges withdrawn from savings account

In April of 2003 I noticed an unauthorized withdrawel of $100.00 from my savings account. My bank informed me that I had set up a pre-authorized payment schedule with Telus. Since I had in fact not set this up with Telus I asked them to refund my money and research this.

Turns out Telus had keyed another customers bank account number incorrectly. The money was withdrawen from my bank account and directed to credit another Telus customers phone account. Over the next five months I tried unsuccessfully to correct this error with various Telus departments including customer care, credit services and Telus' online help self service feature.

Telus played the blame game. My bank had erred, Telus Mobility had erred etc. I was on hold for just over a grand total of seven hours during the five month period and heard the comment "I don't know how this could have happened" a total of eight times. My bank attempted to correct this twice during this time by contacting Telus directly with no result. After a total of $438.05 had been withdrawen from my bank account I chose to take more drastic measures.

I cancelled all premium Telus phone services, my Telus high-speed internet service, my Telus dial-up internet service and my two Telus cell phones. Fourty-eight hours later Telus found and corrected the problem. Too late now as you will notice I now have an AOL e-mail address and Telus has lost about $1600.00 a year in telecommunications business with me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Telus Cancellation Fee ?

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56 days ago by Lorraine Usselman [send email]
My Telus T.V., Phone, internet was cancelled on Sept.18th because I was moving to B.C. They told me there would be a cancelation fee of $450.00,Which was fine. When I got out here I received a bill of $450.00, which included the rest of what I owed on my bill. A week later I got a bill for $800.00 So I tried getting a hold of someone to talk to, which took me forever. Finally I got a hold of someone and they told me that with all the disconnection fees and with my last bill that it did come to $800.00 and some. Which is a crock of do do. I will never go to telus again. !!!!!

Telus Mobility Complaints ?....No way!

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I'm on a roll today. Telus Mobility Canada, you've really outdone yourselves. has over 57 complaints about Telus. Mmmmmmmm have a look and share the goodness:

Telus Mobility Complaints

Still thinking of going Telus? Keep reading...

Telus Mobility Customer Service Scam Footage

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This guy must really hate Telus. Here's the link to the video below:

Telus Mobility Customer Service Scam Video

I wonder if I'll ever run out of Telus Mobility horror stories to post...I doubt it.

Express Yourself Telus Can't Hurt You Again

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Questions About Trademark

I want to complain about a company. Can I use their name and logo? Yes. While trademark law prevents you from using someone else's trademark to sell your competing products (you can't make and sell your own "Rolex" watches or name your blog "Newsweek"), it doesn't stop you from using the trademark to refer to the trademark owner or its products (offering repair services for Rolex watches or criticizing Newsweek's editorial decisions). That kind of use, known as "nominative fair use," is permitted if using the trademark is necessary to identify the products, services, or company you're talking about, and you don't use the mark to suggest the company endorses you. In general, this means you can use the company name in your review so people know which company or product you're complaining about. You can even use the trademark in a domain name (like, so long as it's clear that you're not claiming to be or speak for the company.

Can I use a trademark in my blog's name or in the title of a blog post?

Yes, if it is relevant to the subject of your discussion and does not confuse people into thinking the trademark holder endorses your content. Courts have found that non-misleading use of trademarks in URLs and domain names of critical websites is fair. (Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. v. Faber, URL; Bosley Medical Institute v. Kremer, domain name Companies can get particularly annoyed about these uses because they may make your post appear in search results relating to the company, but that doesn't give them a right to stop you.

Telus Mobility BC

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Wow would this ever be tough to swallow:

I had a contract with telus mobilty for three years. My phone broke after 2 and a half months, so they were "kind" enough to set it up so calls from my phone would be forwarded to my new number. My contract expired in dec. and they continued to bill me. When i phoned them they informed me that i was supposed to call them to cancel my service, and that i was supposed to know this already, even though they addmitted that they do not send customers any info informing them that they must do so.

They would not give me a refund because i had the automatic call forwarding on that they set-up for me, regardless of wether or not my phone was active. funny how i always thought that getting billed for something that you did not want, agree to, or get was a scam, but they claim it is done legally. gotta love the laws.


kitchener, British Columbia


Monday, March 3, 2008

Telus Nightmare

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Now this is simply chilling...

We have just finished a one year ordeal with Telus and one of their collection agencies. We were informed last February that my husband had a $6,000 debt with Telus that was from Jan 2002. We moved so he phoned for a new phone number. We had never ever been contacted by them previously regarding this debt. We had been harassed and abused by the collection agency and Telus staff while trying to fight this and obtain what proof they had to seek payment from us.

We never rec'd any proof to this day. In November the debt was put on my husbands credit report and once we found out we filed a dispute with credit reporting company. Since this we now have a letter from the collection agency saying that my husband is no longer responsible and he had called Telus where they have told him that they do have a different name and signature on file for the contract and account in question.

How can they get away with doing this to people. If we werent strong enough to fight as best we could and not be strong armed into paying it, we would be totally screwed by Telus.

Kim and Don F


Telus Sucks on Facebook

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I was wondering... how is Telus faring on facebook? What a suprise, there are pages and pages of anti-Telus groups. The largest one, called Telus Sucks, has more than 400 members. You can visit these pages here:

I'm sure there are more if you really look. My favorite post so far is this one:

"Yep. my Dad just bought a phone as a gift for someone, turns out they already had one, now they won't let him out of the contract. The box is still unopened, and hasn't used a second on the plan. Now they want 700$ to terminate the contract.Way to take advantage of a 70 year old man who can barely speak english Telus. Good job!"

Way to go Telus - Barf.

I Want To Swallow My Own Face

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I couldn't resist posting this blast from the past. Enjoy.

Telus, my local telco monopoly, truly, desperately sucks. Here’s why:

- Their customer service is legendary in it’s inadequacy. They really don’t care about you. This is a sweeping statement - I’ve had a few good experiences with some very good Telus employees, but the overall culture is “we don’t care”, or “we don’t have time for you”.

- Their upper management is weird. And not in a good way.

- They have a crappy, annoying voice-recognition phone system that makes me want to swallow my own face.

- They have a bitter labour dispute happening, and they fight dirty, and have total support of the local media.

- They have the worst on-hold music on the planet. Really, where do you even find music like this?

- Their billing system is totally f***ed up right now. My paper bill says I owe them $300, and the “My Account” interface on their website says they owe me $170. Also - I can’t have both an “e.Bill” and a paper bill any more. They force you to pick one or the other. Maybe they do this to hide the inconsistencies? Lame!

- I was on hold today trying to sort out my billing issues, and the line just went dead all of a sudden and I was cut off… AND THEY’RE THE &*^#&% PHONE COMPANY!

OK, I feel better now :)

Telus On Google

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Just for fun, I thought I'd Google a few keyword terms relating to Telus. These are closed quotation searches ("") which means the words had to appear right beside each other:

hate telus: 1890
telus sucks: 1730
telus bites: 50

There are over 3000 pages indexed by google related to these keywords alone. They say fewer than 1 in 20 people will formally complain. Hmmmmm food for thought. If you're sitting around this evening, try searching a few of these. Some of these people are really ticked off.

Telus Credit Evaporated...

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I had a credit with telus after I closed my account – I figured they would send me a letter telling me this, and how to go about collecting my OVERPAYMENT. They did not, instead they took it upon themselves to simply eliminate my credit (almost $100) – by just converting my balance to $0. Oh..and didn’t even tell me. I had to sign in to one day to see what was going on – only to see it was wiped out. Nice huh? Think they would have done that if I owed them money when I closed my account? They are useless!

Telus Blues

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telus took over three months to send me my first bill, and it came at Xmas. I emailed, phoned, (that damn cyborg thing)and they would not acknowledge they screwed up. My phone # was not even recognized by the cyborg. At first I was calm and believed they would clear it up as they said my bill would soon be sent. Well I found out differently. So I make a payment, and then in early Jan. I get the second bill, and the day after a notice that they’re unhooking my phone in two weeks if I don’t pay off the bill. If the idiots would of sent it on time I would of paid it.

Angry as I was I let my telus pay & Talk Cell run out, and will go to another company, maybe Virgin Mobile. I got a calling card (not telus) and make long distance calls with it. I drastically have reduced the amount of money I’m giving them. Now I’m researching for a different high-speed hookup service.
There are a lot of people angry with this so-called phone company. Some companies have poor customer service, telus doesn’t have such a thing.
If you have to call them and have to talk to that stupid cyborg thing, when they say this call may be recorded, let loose and let them know what you really think, someone has to listen to it, not that it will solve anything, but it’s at least one way to send them your message. Emails, faxes, phone calls, letters, boycotting their products, whatever we can do to let these greedy con artists that we are fed up with the way they do business!

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