Friday, March 7, 2008

Telus Mobility Complaints ?....No way!

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I'm on a roll today. Telus Mobility Canada, you've really outdone yourselves. has over 57 complaints about Telus. Mmmmmmmm have a look and share the goodness:

Telus Mobility Complaints

Still thinking of going Telus? Keep reading...


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that everyone look closely at their bills as well. An examination of mine indicated absurd charges for services and product never received. Complaints are met with deception, excuses and promises which remain unfulfilled. To compound the situation no-one is minding the chicken coop as regulation has been downloaded to an Industry group. I for one will never subscribe to another Telus service and would encourage everyone to explore the alternatives.

Anonymous said...

I am a 4 year client of Telus Mobility and never once have they disconnected my service because of a late payment. Yesterday they disconnected my service because of a late payment. I'm a busy guy and when I do make payments I make them out for $200 or so at a time so that I don't have to be bothered every month, which lasts me 3 months at a time. When I am late on a payment a get a text message or voicemail reminder from Telus and them I make a payment.

However I did not receive a text or voicemail reminder this time and it was disconnected. I informed them that I never received the text or voicemail and they said that in their system it showed that it did get sent out... I replied that it didn't surprise me that I didn't receive the messages because a number of my messages had been lost (a consisted shortcoming of Telus).

I informed them that I have made a payment that morning and would like them to re-activate my phone. They said they would but would have to charge a re-activation fee of $30. I said that since their text and voicemail messages didn't get through to me that perhaps they should drop the $30 charge out of consideration. A simple courtesy... They wouldn't.

So I told them that if they didn't drop the charge I would not only cancel my phone but I would cancel my business phone and my mothers phone with them, 3 other phone lines...

So for $30 they have lost thousands of dollars of future revenue with me and my family... they didn't care. It was like talking to a robot.

The way Telus dealt with blowing up such a simple issue has totally disgusted me... As a business owner myself I know that one of the secrets to building a large client base is friendly courteous service with understanding to client issues. Something I never reived with them a t all.

I will continue to convert other friends and family member out of there Telus accounts for as long as i live.

Anonymous said...

I have a telus pay as you go phone and I purchased a 25$ phone card. I went to enter it and it said it had already been used.I called telus and it was like they were accusing me of trying to screw them over. They checked my information twice and then asked me to fax in my phone card and they will have to do a full investigation. It has been over a week and still nothing. When I called back, I was told it was being investigated and I could not speak to anyone until the investigation is done. No time frame for resolution of the problem. NOTHING! Just the good old run around game. I was told that telus had great customer service which is why I got the phone from them, big mistake.

Anonymous said...

I have been with Telus for over 8 years. In the beginning, I ranted and raved at how good they were up until my daughter was being overcharged or I should say, I was as her account is in my name. she was receiving huge bills and I kept nagging her until one day, she went online to "" to find out why her bills were so high. Lo and behold, they were charging her for text messages to people that were in her "Fave 5." When I contacted Telus, I was informed that there was a "glitch" in the system and that they were currently looking into it. Couldn't tell me how long the glitch had existed or how long it would take to fix. I asked the rep, why do I have to call you to find out that I'm being overcharged? I did receive a one time credit for about $45 but that does not equate to the HUGE bills I had previously received. My daughter's account was suspended and he transferred me to another customer service rep, I believe someone in A/R who told me, "Just pay the bill." Well isn't that just wonderful. Just pay the bill even though we've been overcharging you... All I can say is "word of mouth" and trust me, I'll be spreading the word..... I cannot believe that I have to call them to inform them that there's some overcharging going on.... Goodbye Telus.

Anonymous said...

Heres on for all of you. I just purchased a blackberry curve from telus. I opened the back case to put my memory card in and the clip that holds the back cover popped off. I didnt lose it at first, its brand new and thought maybe this is what is supposed to happen. But no. The sping popped out and now the back wont stay closed. So now, while I talk on my brand new pink pearl I have to hold it all together with my hand so I can complete a call....oh wait, I can get it sent away to get fixed. Telus will only charge me $150 and a fee also applies to a replacement phone until mine gets fixed. I have 3 yrs left with this phone and wonderful service. They did direct me to blackberry and blackberry then directed me back to telus. What a joke.

Anonymous said...


FYI it has been confirmed by current Telus employees that Koodoo is actually Telus without the monthly plan fee. Customers are being ripped off. If you can stand the lack of and poor quality of customer service choose koodoo instead to save $. You will still have the frustrations of dealing with Telus but for half the price!

Anonymous said...

I am not a client of Telus, nor would I ever be. But a person that rented my house from me was. She had to move back to Europe quite suddenly and asked me to look after the bills that were left and she would reimburse me. I did this. The only exception was Telus, who wouldnt take a payment even though it was offered and are still sending bills to my address. They have turned her account over to a collection agency which is a joke because she's no longer in Canada. After repeatedly attempting to fix this, phoning them, writing them, I just decided to bill them at my hourly rate of 250.00 per hour. If this doesnt get paid I am adding late fee's, admin fees and every kind of fee that I can think of that these corporate jack asses attach to their billing. After 3 months I will turn the bill over to a collection agency and if need be go to small claims court. This company is actually worse then Bell, which I didn't think was possible.

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with Telus Mobility Customer Care about a pay and talk account. The customer service reps were very rude - the first one hung up on me, the second one was carrying on a conversation ABOUT ME in the background and laughing with another person (very audible). So much for customer service! Needless to say, I am looking for other cell phone services.

Anonymous said...

I am not much of a complainer..yeah they screw up with the bill sometimes when they make changes with their plans. I go in, they change it. They've been pretty good that way. But today, I am livid! I have been complaining about reception where I live. I live in a city area but I get no reception in my place! I understand not getting reception in a basement suite. As I said, I'm reasonable and not a complainer. I didn't mind walking outside to use my phone with that understanding. But my reception has been crap!!! I have talked to Loyalty and Retention 3x about this. They forwarded me to some data guy that said he would create some kind of log slip. What does that do? NOTHING! It means, it's a "small" complaint and they'll look into it "IF" they have time or more complaints. So, I went higher up..they filed a formal more serious complaint with no guarantees as well. I missed 4 important business calls in the last 24 hours! This means I lose a potential customer/client. So, I asked them to help me out by giving me one of those 400 dollar gadgets that improves your reception by 3 bars. NOPE! Flat out is all I got. I asked them for another phone to see if that might be an issue (which I'm pretty sure it's not) and they said yes as long as I sign another 3 year contract. I said "Are you kidding me? There is no guarantee that this will work..give me a phone for free to test it!" No, we can't do that. Then I asked them to waive the fee to disconnect (since I have 11 months that will be just over 200 dollars). They said they could not waive those fees. I said that it was unfair and they should cater to their contract. If my phone doesn't work, I should be able to move to another carrier (Rogers works here) without cost. So in other words I am SOL! Oh and they also said that "we don't guarantee reception in all areas" WTF???? I am so mad right now.

Anonymous said...

Here's some expensive news. If you run a Blackberry (BB) on the telus system your email message headers are downloaded to your device. You are only billed for the data size of the header. I you are running a non-BB smartphone on the Telus system the charge is different.
When a message is sent to your hand held the header shows up. Telus data charge for the full size of the message even if it is never dowloaded.

So ur bud sends you a picture and you read the header but do not download it, you are still charged for the 2MB of the size of the picture!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Once again Telus has overcharge me on my bill! In addition, when I called into the customer service department... they were unhelpful and rude. On top of that, when I asked him to transfer me to a manager, he refused! Additionally the rep did not want to give me his name, knowing that I would want to make a complaint. Does anyone out there know a number that I can call to make a complaint? I looked on the website, nada...anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

I saw a Telus ad in my building for a bundle service which is offered courtesy of my apartment. That ad did not mention any contract...they only asked me to sign up through my building manager. Now I had to move and cancel the service. Telus is charging me $240.00 for cancellation; when I specifically asked the agent at the time if there was any conditions and he said NO. Telus has now sent my file to a collection agency and refuse to budge. Telus is pure evil and thieves! Just stay away from them. I'm on a mission to let all my friends know to stay away from them! Don't get caught up in their money-hungry scheme... stay away from them!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
My son lived in Vancouver until Nov 2008. He paid his Telus bills on time. He was moving to another place in Vancouver and

didn't need the phone. He had to return the Telus Equipment as instructed by Telus emopyees by using Canada post to send

the equipment to Telus warehouse in Edmonton. He filled out Tellus paperwork and put it in the Canada Post box. My son got

a tracking number on a strip of paper that identified the box. The box was sent and my son assumed that he was free and

clear of Telus. He kept getting letters from Telus about the phone equipment and in January 2009, my son phoned and Telus

employee said it normally took 6 months to clear the books. My son left Vancouver for a job on the east coast and had his

friend forward his mail. He still has not got the mail through Canada post sent in May 2009. There might have been vital

information in these mailing that might have changed the course of history. Now to make the story complete, Telus says it

doesn't have the phone equipment and sold the cost of replacement to a collection agency. My son is now back in Vancouver

to try and sort this out. Telus says the they need the tracking number. They have "stonewalled" him. A small piece of

paper, assurance that everything would be OK after six month, moving to the other side of the country, no email

communication about the lost item, no tracking number! Implication: my son owes $600.00 to the collection agency, not Telus

and because my son's account was given to the collection agency, he is now redflagged and will have a bad credit rating for

SEVEN years by the credit bureau. If he goes to apply for a loan, he can expect to pay higher interest rates. Lots of

implications because he lost the tracking number. Telus says if he wants them to track the package, they need the tracking

number. If they somehow found my son's equipment, they would have to admit they made a mistake AND write an official letter

to the credit bureau to get my son's name off the "redflag" list. My son tried to ask Canada Post if they had some kind

of cross-reference between the tracking number and my son's name but no go. Smells like a money grab by Telus. Very poor

customer service.
HELP: any suggestions would be appreciated as how to we can resolve this problem and get Telus to listen to my son's side

of the story. An advocate for customer complaints against Telus?? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I signed a three year contract with Telus 19 months ago for two shared 30 plans. I wanted more minutes when I went away to work in the spring so the Telus rep said just increase your plan to shared 40 for a couple of months while away working and then change it back. Seemed reasonable so I did. I then came back to find out that the plans had changed and I could not get back to my old 30 shared plans.
I did not worry about it till now and tried to call get somewhere with the loyalty department. Nothing they could do now. The new plans suck and the attitude of the company is going to kill the business. I have 17 months left but my cut it early and pay the 20/month fee just to keep them from getting my $200/month. I hope the new competition will bring plans down to a reasonable level. P.s. I am sure the people in the Philipines are nice people but when I want to talk with someone it would be nice to get someone from the same continent. On hold for 1:20 hour last call. the future is not friendly.

Walking_Target said...

Just got a call back about my cell that is out for "Warantee Repair". They want to charge me $125 to fix the screen.

Funny, it has been flickering for over a month before it finally died and they told me 'not to worry about it' and refused to deal with me, then they come back and tell me that it's a $125 repair because it's not a manufacturing defect??? Hell NO.

Then to add insult to injury, I couldn't get my photos, videos or contacts off the phone: when I bought it the rep said i could use the included USB cable to do so... obviously not and their reps can't get their story straight now. (as that was the feature that enticed me to sign up for a contract... i think i can now get out of it based on misrepresentation and fundamental breech :D )

They met their worst nightmare though: I'm a college grad with a background in consumer law and thanks to our lovely economy, only working part time.

Giving them a call tomorrow to ask them to help resolve the situation before I bring it to the BBB (as you have to do before brining it to the BBB). I'm not expecting them to do anything about it though.

I'd rather use Bell, and that's saying something -.-.

Stay said...

I don't know if we should be upset with Telus, or with ourselves, for putting up with an industry that so disrespects us. I'm also frustrated, and am starting a blog "TellusRogers" where I will vent, and where I'd appreciate support.

Stay Forever Young said...

I got listed as "Stay," but it's "Stay Forever Young," and the site I referred to is at

Bob D. said...

A year ago I called Telus Mobility and told them that because they could not offer me the services such as an unlimited data plan that I wanted to wind down my service to the least expensive plan to let it run out since I would be moving to anotehr provider. I made it clear that I would not be continuing the services once my contract expired in November 2009 and to make sure that would end my commitment and payments under my contract. Ten days before my contract expired I emailed them and confirmed my wishes. Telus Mobility then took a payment for December that they refuse to refund and have basically dared me to take them to small claims to try to get it back knowing full well that few people would bother for around $20. Let me assure you that they are wrong and will indeed file a collections actions against them just as they would you or I if we did not pay them. I thought Rogers was bad but Telus has sunk to the bottom of the tank. I have switched every Telus service including my High speed Internet, Cable, Home Phone, and now Wireless to other providers. Telus simply does not deserve my business. What a bunch of arrogant jerks.

Stay Forever Young said...

But folks, what else can we do? Can we organize? Ironically, if we all decided to simply get rid of our phones, there'd be hell to pay. But we want em don't we? Could we all just settle for simple old-fashioned cell phones rather than the latest bb? I don't know. I don't know enough about things (Yet), but maybe we all should just buy unlocked phones from overseas. How would that work? (I really don't know enough about this to know. Has anyone bought unlocked phones and had luck using them?)

Frenchy said...

I visited a telus mobility store yesterday and thought it was unusual that there wasn't much for customers, especially the week before christmas.I was disapointed with the selection of phones and the only reason I am doing businesss with them is because my wife likes them (Not sure why)
After finishing a three year term and getting a newer phone they want to charge me a service support fee of $25.00!!!!!
That's what happens when the big get bigger and greedier.Telus has the worst customer service that I have ever had with any customer, EVER.

softech said...

The popular comment layout is common, so it is easily recognized when scanning to post a comment. If the comment section is in a different format, then I am going to spend more time trying to decipher what everything means.

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Anonymous said...

I am a 10 Yr Telus Mobility customer.
I am the dumb one for renewing my contract for another 3 yrs. (got sucked in)
Today 3 of the 4 mobiles that I pay for had no Caller ID or Voicemail. I am 4 months into my 3 yr. contract. I called TELUS to ask why this had happened and they said " we realized your bill was too rich and decided to take some of your services away. You need to pay extra for them if you want them back".
At first I laughed as I thought it was a Joke. But after been spoken to rudely by KASH oper#6581, I realized they were serious. I asked them if they could legally do that if I had signed a 3 yr. contract and had these offers added to my plan. Telus says they are free. I beg to differ as my bill is 150.00 per month. How is that free? Kash told me to prove I was offered these items. Prove it? I said. I have a frigging contract you moron! He then accused me of attacking him? This is after 1.5 hrs on the phone.
TELUS has the worst Customer Service of any company I have ever dealt with. I will not renew my contract with them and I will be canceling my home phone, internet and fax line asap.

Anonymous said...

I went to Mexico with my wireless stick which I was paying a flat rate of $40.00 a month to access online usage when out of areas where wireless is available. I was not told I was limited geographically with this usage. I used the internet for approximately 8 hours.
I received a bill for $8,000.00 from Telus. I need help. I do not own a cell phone, never have and I cannot pay this bill. It is crazy. Does anybody know anyone I can speak to about this.

Paul said...

Before travelling to Spain, I recently visited a telus store to confirm that my BB Curve would work during my trip. The sales person told me it would NOT work and that I could upgrade to a BB which would operate in Europe. So I did upgrade - to a Bold - after the salesman confirmed that i could return to my current contract and Curve if I wasn't satisfied within 14 days.

The Bold did NOT work during my visit to Spain. The best phone service I received was SOS and I had absolutely NO data service - even after confirming I had the correct SIM card - AND after spending 3 hours with the telus help desk during my trip. To add much insult to injury, a colleague I was travelling with had almost flawless service (both phone & data) from an I Phone with Rogers service.

I returned from my trip and immediately attempted to return the Bold (after 11 days) and return to my previous plan as a result of the non-performance of the BB. They told me I could only exchange the BB and that I was stuck with a new contract. After spending another 2.5 hrs escalating my request (including their Loyalty & Retention department), they denied my request to return the phone stating that the BB performed OK in Ontario and that they do not guarantee any results in Europe. To be clear, the salesperson at the London Masonville Store (Scott Gordon) who sold me the Bold lied to me about the return policy. None of the people I spoke with would accept any responsibility for the performance of the phone or the false claims made by their sales man.

I am now stuck with a very expensive BB which will not perform in an area I need to do business in. I am absolutely disgusted with telus. A customer is not someone you dictate service to.

Jeff said...

We have had nothing but trouble with our Telus Sierra 598 Wireless Internet key. It has problem starting and won't keep running. Their techs are not helpful and the store in Woodstock Ontario, Canada is run with incompetent people. Telus sent me a letter that they came out with a new and improved Huawei E182E key (to me is admission of problem)so when I called and complained 2 people , a tech and a customer service rep told me that I should not be paying for poor service and I was going to be sent the new key as it would work far better . I never received and when I called again, they changed their minds and I would have to sign a new contract.I am between rock and hard place as why would I sign a new contract and possibly have another faulty key (no exchange period) and am stuck with old faulty key and old contract.

Paradiddle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with Telus but it sounds very consistent with my recent trouble. What I can tell you is that after spending a great deal of time on the phone (3+ hrs) - and eventually receiving a call back from their Loyalty Dept, I received a $12/mth credit for the remainder of my contract (36 mths) but no reduction in my overall contract (with they told me at the store could be reversed if I wasn't satisfied).

Anonymous said...

I have been with telus for over 3 years and a little while ago, I called them to ask what kind of deals they would give me ona new cell. They added $50 to my account... I was happy.

Then, a few months later, I found a phone I liked, it was a prepaid box phone so i wasn't sure if the $50 would work towards it, so I called Telus and the woman I was talking to said yes it would, even after I explained it was a prepaid box phone.

So, I went to a Telus dealer and they told me they had to call and confirm it with Telus. Telus then proceeds to tell me that it cannot go towards a prepaid box phone (even though they told me it could just hours before) but I could put it towards a full priced phone.

I was mad that I had been lied to so I went home and called Telus myself to resolve the issue. The man I was talking to then told me that the $50 had expired in January! I was steamed! Why hadn't they told me this the first TWO times I contacted them that day? It could of saved me SOOOO much hassle! So, i explain it to the rep. and he ignores almost everything I was saying! So I asked to speak to someone in higher authority and he denies my request and hangs up on me! I have NEVER been treated so rudely in my entire life.

I feel that they should have given me something for putting me through all this bull shit. I wouldn't of went out of my way to go to the telus store if I would of known the $ was expired. I used to think Telus was awesome, but the can kiss my fucking ass!

Anonymous said...

I asked my mom to shut off my phone because i had lost it . She called that very day and asked them to shut it off and was told that it would be and a final bill would be sent . I found my phone crushed in my driveway a few days later so i know no one had used it . My mom gave me the last bill for the phine that came in at the end of the month and i paid it this was in August 09. So thinkning this phone was done and i never had ro feal with them again my mom gives me a peace of paper saying she paid $1200.00 on the telis phone because they sent her a bill on febuary 2010 saying she had to pay this bill for my phone asap or her phone would be shut off . She told them she had that phone shut off and paid the final bill . she didn't have a contract on it so it should have been taken care of. She also told them they never sent her a bill saying she owed anymore money for this phone so why did they want money now. They then told her they sent to bill to kingston , my mother lives cornwall and never recieved one bill. But before she had this shut off the bills came right to her foor. My mom tried to find out why they were billing her and they just threatened to shut off her phone if it wasn't paid. My mother is 65 years old lives alone and she needs to have a phone on her at all times. So not getting anywhere with the telus people she paid the bill with her credit card and then brought me the bill for $1200. so i now owe my mother for a bill she should have never had to pay . What can we do about it , i feel like they took advantage of her because of her age and with threats to cut her phone off.

Anonymous said...

Contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) for legitimate complaints, and they will advocate/mediate for you to try to resolve the issue.

FYI - Telus has an "F" rating with the BBB - go fgure!

Alicia said...

On the 1st of June 2010, my Husband and I moved into a townhome with his parents to help care for his ailing Father, who had been recently diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 months to a year to live.
As his Father was a Telus costumer, we contacted Telus on his Father’s behalf and told them we had moved, and that in addition to the phone service he had with them, that we would require cable as well.
On the 18th of June, less than 3 weeks after we moved, my Husband’s father passed. As there was no longer any reason to continue to live in the townhome, my Husband called Telus to let them know that we no longer required their services as of the 1st of September 2010.
It was at this time, Telus informed us that it was written in our files that we had verbally agreed to a three year contract, and if we were to break the contract, we would have to pay $10 per month, for the remainder of the months. As we had just started this “contract”, it means the amount owning to cancel the services would be approximately $350.
There is absolutely no way my Husband, my Father in Law or myself would have agreed to such terms, given my Father-in-Law’s prognoses. As such, we asked Telus to provide proof of the verbal agreement. One representative told us that the call was never recorded, and another one told us that the call was deleted a month after it was made.
My Husband and I have spoken to Telus many times since to address this problem, and each time a representative gives us a different explanation as to when we supposedly agreed to the verbal contract.
One representative went as far to say that my Father in Law verbally agreed to the contract one week after he died! Another stated that he agreed to it in May, one month before we moved into the new home with them….
As Telus is completely unwavering in the situation, and since it’s their word versus ours, my Husband and I have no choice but to pay the cancellation fee as we don’t want to incur bad credit when the bill goes to collections if unpaid.
I honestly can’t believe the terrible situation Telus has put us in. I am going to continue to fight this battle, and inform everyone I can not to use Telus under any circumstances. Not only are they making false claims which they can’t support whatsoever, they are taking advantage of two people who are in the middle of grieving.

Alicia said...

On the 1st of June 2010, my Husband and I moved into a townhome with his parents to help care for his ailing Father, who had been recently diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 months to a year to live.
As his Father was a Telus costumer, we contacted Telus on his Father’s behalf and told them we had moved, and that in addition to the phone service he had with them, that we would require cable as well.
On the 18th of June, less than 3 weeks after we moved, my Husband’s father passed. As there was no longer any reason to continue to live in the townhome, my Husband called Telus to let them know that we no longer required their services as of the 1st of September 2010.
It was at this time, Telus informed us that it was written in our files that we had verbally agreed to a three year contract, and if we were to break the contract, we would have to pay $10 per month, for the remainder of the months. As we had just started this “contract”, it means the amount owning to cancel the services would be approximately $350.
There is absolutely no way my Husband, my Father in Law or myself would have agreed to such terms, given my Father-in-Law’s prognoses. As such, we asked Telus to provide proof of the verbal agreement. One representative told us that the call was never recorded, and another one told us that the call was deleted a month after it was made.
My Husband and I have spoken to Telus many times since to address this problem, and each time a representative gives us a different explanation as to when we supposedly agreed to the verbal contract.
One representative went as far to say that my Father in Law verbally agreed to the contract one week after he died! Another stated that he agreed to it in May, one month before we moved into the new home with them….
As Telus is completely unwavering in the situation, and since it’s their word versus ours, my Husband and I have no choice but to pay the cancellation fee as we don’t want to incur bad credit when the bill goes to collections if unpaid.
I honestly can’t believe the terrible situation Telus has put us in. I am going to continue to fight this battle, and inform everyone I can not to use Telus under any circumstances. Not only are they making false claims which they can’t support whatsoever, they are taking advantage of two people who are in the middle of grieving.

Paul said...

a very unfortunate situation - and very similar in many ways to my experience with Telus - ie agreement to a 3 yr contract. Let me know if you can think of some way to stop their bad behaviour!


Anonymous said...

They never even showed up to hook up my service. They charged me and ruined my credit. My phone calls were answered with
such arrogance I guess they are like AIG
I cant believe i live in a country
where they can bill me and go to collections for a service they didnt even
show up too hook up. Its kind of hard to use the internet without a dsl modem

katherine said...

I have been a Telus Mobility client for 6 years now. Over the past 3 years I have been disgusted with their customer service. Last month I sent my phone in for minor technical repairs. It took a month and a half before they sent it back, and they sent it back unfixed. The sales representatives had no clue as to why they never fixed it. I called the client care line and was on the phone with them as well as there repair shop for over 3 hours. Still no one could tell me why it was not repaired. At this point my phone was not under warranty anymore, but it was when i sent it in the first time. The only thing anyone could do for me was tell me to send it back to be repaired, but i would have to pay for it.
That was the end for me. I cancelled my contract and am now with bell.
I have never in my lief dealt with such horrible customer service from such a big company.

Anonymous said...

You think its bad being a client?! Try WORKING for them.

I'm an employee in a store in Ontario. Were constantly threatened with losing our jobs if we dont make our statistics each week. Management whines when we dont make our stats at floor level because they wont get their big bonuses at end of year. Funny thing is floor level staff DONT receive bonuses for busting their tails to make their statitstics. Managers often come in at 11:00 AM and leave by 3:00 PM meanwhile the rest of floor staff work 8 hr days (or more) with little to no reward. Managers always remove themselves from the statistics of the sales floor claiming they have "lots of paperwork and administrative work to do" which is a lie as even when they are at work they are often not present in the store at all, and most times pawn their paperwork on to some new employee who doesnt know any better.

Were (supposed) to be allotted one hour of break time through the day 2x 15 mins and 1x 30 min for lunch but that often is denied to us at floor level and if we arrive even one minute late were threatened with a write up and in most cases written up for it.

Raises are a joke (maximum .50. a year but if we fail any audits in the year the raise is deducted by 10% for each failure.

Were commissioned but the commission keeps getting reduced and our salaries do NOT increase were also capped at a maximum of 12.00 an hour. We can never make more EVER.

Miniumum wage increases and our wage does not increase along with the minimum wage increase.

Promotions are few and far between, upper management refuses to promote staff that seem educated or arent afraid of expressing an opinion (your encouraged to but if it goes against the companies vision your punished) are seen as a threat and as such are never moved to higher positions.

I see that people are gouged on a daily basis. I understand the frustration of some people that arrive but PLEASE understand that I like you am a human being and I have a real limit to what I can do call the company and complain dont come in screaming at me when in reality there is very little I can do. Its not because I dont want to help you it really is because I'm not ALLOWED to.

Anonymous said...

In 2008 I purchased an LG Venus and couldn't get my phone activated for 1 day. 4 1/2 months ago I traded the LG Venus for a BlackBerry. It took Telus 8 hours to activate my phone but it didn't happen without me fighting them to do it. Today, I purchase an LG Shine at the same time has my husband. His phone was active immediately, my phone... I'm still waiting for it to work. After calling 4 times we were finally told there's a network problem.
Wake up call!!!! How is it possible for a "network technicality" to slip in on three different, subsequent phones?? Especially when there's never been a problem with my husband's phone and we share the same plan!
Seriously, I believe I'm being bullied/picked on/singled out by Telus and there's nothing I can do about it. It's direct sabotage and I'm sick of this crap!

Anonymous said...

I have had problems with Telus over the years, they used to have 7 phone lines from my businesses and personal but now they have 0 and I am proud of that, I am sure their "creative" bills are stealing money out of the pockets of canadians daily, the nicket and diming adds up(eg. text messaging customers and charging you for the text, no joke.
I filed a complaint with the better business bureau recently and recommend everyone to do it or they will get away with screwing the little guy for ever
there is power in numbers, do it today!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been with Telus for 6 years. My forst 3 year contract expired in 2007 after which I was with them without contract for 3 years. This year they slapped me with a $50 per month tab for caller ID and some other nonsense which they would take off only if I went with a contract. Isnt that ridiculous...I am their customer even without a contract for 3 years and yet they were so bone headed not to take the $50 off. And this nonsense is from their (wait for the irony) LOYALTY DEPT. I got so pissed off that they had no respect for client loyalty. Hell with them....I'll go with Rogers, pay more, but I refuse to go with a company that has no respect for its customers.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO ticked off at Telus right now.... My husband and I had a contract with telus and when it expired I did the stupid thing of renewing.... my beef with telus is this.....My husbands phone was tampered with at his work and we called telus asap to let them know about this and they said there was nothing could do til the new bill was sent out.okay so I got the new bill and it was over $1000.00 our normal bill was about $50 . So i immediately contacted tem to dispute this and was told too bad there was nothing they could do and conviently my previous phone conversation had never been put on my account hmmmmm. So then I told them I was going to be keeping an eye on my bill again for the next month and again every time the phone was on it was comprimsed by someone other then my husband and how do I know this because my husband works for a huge company and he has his work phone that he talks on plus this phone bill showed him on the phone literally every minute of the entire for a FULL month and again I got a $1500.00 bill on top of my already $1000.00 bill. Now get this they told the fraud department would be contacting me well that was over 3 months ago now and still waiting. Fraud department yeh right. I was told and get this that it would have been easier to "lie" to them and tell them our phone was stolen. Instead of being honest with a company they expect you to lie to them.... So I am still sittinghere waiting for the "fraud" department to call me and I am making minimnal payments on this account till I hear from them




NaturalNurture said...

I moved from Ontario and from 'Bell Hell' as it is called out there....Bell gets a consumer column in the local paper often dedicated to their lack of good customer service. I was not spared their egregious and expensive mistakes...and was steamed too many times...
So when I moved out to Alberta, I was relieved I had a choice BELL OR TELUS and it is mostly TELUS LAND...I was excited to use TELUS...but that soon changed... I could not believe my luck. I thought BELL was HELL...but it was just purgatory. NOW TELUS TAKES THE TITLE!
BIlling me for all manner of things which their CSRs have no idea about nor can explain but politely speak gibbersish in their efforts to bring understanding to the companies mistakes, errors, and server problems.

Is there hope?
that doesn't skin you
then eat you for a dollar?

Anonymous said...

Got an issue with Telus? You can do something about it? File a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services.

Anonymous said...

I bought my phone 3 months ago and yesterday it fell two feet off of my lap onto the ground. Even with the otter box on it that "Telus" told me to buy to protect my phone, the screen cracked. I then called telus looking for any sort of support and have been told over and over again that basically "i'm screwed". I have been told to call the insurance company that covers my "extended warranty". They told me that I will have to pay $150 to get a new one. The only problem with this is that I bought the phone for that price 3 months ago. I do not see how telus is satisfying customers by making them pay $150 three months after purchasing the phone.


I am so sick of Telus - even though I set up monthly payments I missed an overcharge of $50 for going over my minutes - I just paid $100 to them but they have cut my phone off and charged me - want to call the Head Office - anyone got some phone numbers to share?

Anonymous said...

Well, I have a similar complaint...I've been with Telus Mobility for exactly 11 years now and have had everyone in my family signed up on various plans. We switched to paperless billing in May of 2010, but found it difficult to check all of the charges so asked for it to be switched back to receiving paper copies, which is where the problem started. We have not received regular invoices, and have only in fact received one paper copy in 2011, so when my phone was disconnected I was shocked, especially when I found it was because the account was only 2 weeks overdue. No one would help and they insisted repeatedly they had sent me a text, which I did not receive. I asked to buy out my account as I was fed up after several calls to them. This was a month ago, and they said my final bill, with the buy out, would be sent shortly. I still have not received this (Telus obviously did not take into account the mail strike....), and am now receiving up to 8 phone calls each day from a collection agency!! 11 years with Telus, they don't send me a final bill, and now my credit may be ruined!!! Absolutely shocked!

GEETZIE said...

After shopping around, on Feb 14, 2011 we decided to sign a three year contract with Telus. Our choice was based on the package and of course price. Most importantly we wanted unlimited texting in the USA. In June we made our first trip to the USA and of course did some texting to stay intouch with home. We were very surprised to receive a $54.00 charge for USA texting. I called immediately and they told me they discontinued that and there was a note in the corner of my April invoice. At her advise I wrote Telus a letter on August 5, 2011 but have yet to hear anything. I sure don't understand how Telus can have you sign a contract for three years and 6 weeks later start taking things away that they gave you at signing.

Anonymous said...

Leaving complaints dont help anything. Leaving one company for another is pointless. They are all the same. some may be worse than others but when the best is unacceptable.....imagine where the worst would be. As consumers we need to band together and force regulating orgs to make changes. Mobile service is BIG business and all the companies work to keep us all hostages.

Anonymous said...


ASAP Party Rentals said...

Our company cell phone service or lack thereof has been billed for by Telus since 2004. No problem has ever been resolved. Customer care is customer care-less. They have "escalation specialists" that take simple problems and leave you with a burning fury but no resolution. After years of frustration I switched to Bell only to be pleasantly surprised. At the very least the customer care reps are pleasant and helpful.

Does leaving Telus resolve the problems caused by this malicious company? NO! Despite 4 written requests to discontinue the service the only response from customer care-less was that they will be sending in one of the "escalation specialists" to elevate the problem and the bills keep coming............

Anonymous said...

I just got off the phone with one of the monkeys from telius. I was fed up with them and decided back in september to buy out my contract. I had 4 phones under my contract and it ended up costing me just shy of $1500.00. It was well worth it. I went to a company in a local mall that deals with many mobility services EXCEPT telius and koodo. Because i was adding 5 phones they were able to get me a business package with Bell. At first i freaked as I closed my landlines with bell for the same reason I closed my accounts with telius but the man assured me that bell mobility is different then bell canada. So far so good. they even gave me $700.00 towards my buy out with telius. Now back to telius; i bought out my contract as soon as the bill came in to my email. I paid it in full way before the deadline as I didn't want to have any hidden charges from them. (they are pros at hidden charges) sure enough, last month I recieved a bill from them owing them just under $35.00 Good thing i kept all my statements in regards to my buy out as well as their email stating what I owed. I sent them a nasty email telling them to shove their bill where the sun don't shine. I guess that didn't do them well because today I recieved another bill. this time with interest added. I made the call and this guy says he is doing me a favour by putting my account back to zero. If he didnt I would have sued them for harrassment. He told me the reason I had this bill was there was some outstanding calls made and I told him he was full of shit. I told him that I kept all my records and I paid off my bill in advance and that I knew they were going to try and pull this one on me but i was prepared for it. If i receive another bill from them next month I'm going to pay the money to hire a lawyer and sue their asses for harrassment.

Anonymous said...

My partner and I recently signed a three year contract for tv and internet with Telus -we also have a land line. Over the phone we were "sold" on a package for a certain price with the promise of one extra HD box at no charge. On our first bill we were charged for the box and at a higher rate then promised. Several calls to Telus and we were told they had no record of the price told to us and I should just pay for the box and my account will be credited. Several months later I am still awaiting this credit.

The next event with Telus was my on-going attempt to port my landline number to my cell phone. This resulted in Telus cutting off our tv and internet but leaving the land line in tact. I have spoken to at least 12 different Telus techs/managers/customer loyalty reps to little avail. They finally hooked up the tv and internet and rebuilt all my services on the land line number, which had been ported. This means I get some calls to my cell and some to the landline. Weekly I call and get put on hold to explain the situation to some random Telus "service" rep. Amazingly each time they have no record of any of my calls or issues. Today they once again cut my internet and tv I guess in an attempt to resolve the phone issue. I explained many, many times that I work from home and need internet access to which they assured my services would not be cut again, they even noted this on my record. Several calls in today and I get the same run around - we have no record of your calls or requests and it will take a couple of days to reinstate your services.

I have never been treated so poorly by a company. I have wasted many hours on the phone being shunted person to person and no can help and frankly no one cares. They tell you anything to get you off the phone I guess assuming when I have to call again I will get a different Telus person.

I am so far past frustrated I just want out of my contract. Somehow telling my story and maybe saving one person from having to go through this with Telus is the only solace I can get.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to be done with the pathetic service at telus. In particular the Masonville London location. Twice I have been in there for customer service issues and both times I've been treated so poorly I have walked right out. Today I approached the customer service representative for advice on what I should do about my cracked iPhone. I expected information as to how to fix or replace the phone and was willing to pay for either. The representative ridiculed me and asked if I wanted the number for the Apple store. I have worked in customer service for years, I know good service and I have yet to see it with Telus on any level.

Anonymous said...

I work out of the country and have put the talk 20 package on my phone to lower my charges when being used out of country. Four times this year, I have checked my bill with 611 and found outrageous bills because they "forget" to apply the package to my charges. I decided enough was enough and after getting my most recent bill I asked for a superior because I felt it was time they reimbursed me for the inconvenience of their screwups. 45 mins later, I was told that they would credit me 554 dollars for their latest screwup. I said I wanted something extra for having to waste my time and the credit offered was what was my bill was supposed to actually be. After telling the superior I wanted more than just reimbursed their screwup the superior informed me that he was not going to fix my bill and that I would have to pay it. Over 900 dollars for one month. Bill should be about 350 which is still high. I asked for his name and extention number. Look forward to a followup tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I have a Telus Smart Hub for internet access and a Telus cell phone. About one year ago I had huge problems with connecting to the internet, very slow speeds and random disconnects. My complaints to telus were met with accusations that I had a computer virus or some other problem with my hardware. This problem went on for over a month until I finally got so fed up I contacted the CRTC. They told me they have no jurisdiction in these cases but referred me to another organization called the Canadian Commissioner for Telecommunications Complaints...that sure got the attention of Telus and I finally got some answers. It turns out they sold so many accounts locally for internet service that the cell tower was overloaded and needed an upgrade. I got a one month credit out of them but more importantly I got the is the link to the Commissioner...they want to hear from you...

Anonymous said...

I also have had trouble with telus.They biiled my mothers prepaid account 1yr ahead.Since she passed away they will not return funds to her estate.How much money do'es telus make a year by not returning funds do to a death? In my mind they steal from customers.What else would you call it?I am very unhappy with them and will tell anyone who will listen what telus is really all about.

Anonymous said...

I have a complaint in regards to your new policy in relations to text message now costing .40 per text to numbers that are located in USA. My understanding is that you presently do not have a plan that incorporates this change but only an add-on for 10. It is apparent that this is another form of consumer gauging by TELUS. You are aware that Canada and USA are close borders? Many of your customers either have relatives or do business across borders. Many customers save money by texting rather than calling and recent change will affect a lot of people on a fixed income. This is sincerely an inconvenience and it shows a lack of consideration to how this may affect your customer base. That being said, I am not happy with the time frame that you have given to adapt the present change. It reflects your lack of consideration to your customer base. It’s has sincerely made me consider looking elsewhere for a cell phone provider that is not entirely all about squeezing every penny out of its customer base.

Anonymous said...

I have a Telus prepaid account. I bought a $25 phone card, entered it, and it said it was already used! I went back to the store and obviously there was nothing they can do because they can't verify it or refund and was told to call the phone # on the top up receipt. I called and they were extremely unhelpful and rude. I escalated to management and they were even more rude and accused me of lying! I asked them to verify which account it was applied to. They said they can't give me that info. I asked to at least tell me WHEN it was used because impossible it was already used when I just purchased it and that would give away what really happened if it was used before I purchased. They confessed they couldn't get any info on the top up # except that it was already used. I was given the run around and told back to the store and get a refund. I told them I already did that and it says no refund anyway on your top up policy. They told me they can try to investigate it, but I wouldn't them to do that because they'll find it where it was really used. I was like WHAT, you're calling me a liar?!??! I actually do want that info and will do that. I told them it must be a glitch in the system, they said they don't have glitches in the systems. Wow, see my honest position and their acting like robots. I just wanted them to find out when it was used since that would tell the story of what happened. I see this happened to someone else here so must be some scam they're running and have a script for it.

Sarah @ Natures Nurture said...
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Anonymous said...

Just an update to the "used $25 top up". I thought I'd give it another try with their support and used the online chat. What a world of difference! They corrected the issue. My advice is use the online chat if you have issues with them.

Anonymous said...

I entered on a 3 year bundle plan with Telus and I payed 1 month in advance and its a pre-authorized paymet to avoid deadlines and charges. 2 months before it ends up, I contacted their agent to inform them that I will not continue the subscription anymore. The agent told me that the Technical People will contact me. After a month, I didn't receive any call from Telus so I contacted them again thru their on-line chat and requested the same thing. 2 days before the end of the contract, Telus Technical People called me up and told me that I have to pay one month bill ($130.00) for not informing them that i'm going to terminate my contract. I tried to explain to their representative but he told me that he can not do anything and since I payed pre-authorized payment, they deducted it right away.

This is a form of thief and harrasment and if you complain on them, they will tell you to talk to their lawyer or meet them in the court...

What can we do so Telus will give back our money?!?!?! NONE... so, what's the best thing to do... get even with TELUS!!!

Kyla Macneill said...

I'm not even a customer n they have sent me a bill

Dezso said...
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Alfred said...

Oh god..this post is what...almost 10 years old? And yet, Telus hasn't changed, it still sucks. I left a bad review on this website (, and I think you should do it too!
Greetings from Vancouver

Anonymous said...

27 Oct 2017
I just got a message and they say i owe them 400 and something dollars. My last payment was August 17th for 150 dollars.

My plan is or was supposed to be 65 dollars a month, and I hardly ever use the damn phone.
This is my last month with them, going back to Virgin pay as you go which you can usually get for 40 bucks a month all in.
I have been sitting on hold for the last half hour and every so often I get a message saying they 'understand my time is valuable.' Telus never again.

Anonymous said...

So, my husband just signed up with Telus, brought his own phone...
12 days ago... got a bill for $80.40. Funny, when I look at the actual statement is is $80.38.
How many customers are they getting the extra 2 cents from?? Isn't that ilegal??????????

I am praying it is a "pay in advance" type situation and we are paying for the billing cycle of Dec 13 - Jan 13... or 12 days were super expensive!

Unknown said...

Crtc can help

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