Thursday, April 16, 2009

Telus Mobility Public Relations - NARCs

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I just saw this nice comment by anonymous Mike, maybe like Telus Mike? Ok, that's just a conspiracy theory, but really! Come on - what self respecting Netizen leaves a comment like this (short, to the point, well-written, dripping with Telus Mobility Advertising lingo)...

Mike wrote:

"Telus is a great company, I just resigned for a 3 year contract with all the usuals. unlimited text,250 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings/weekends and bundle 12. Next time i'll ask for unlimited data for free."

and Bundle 12!? Sorry Mike, you're a douche - what agency do you work for? Telus PR people, please sprinkle more comments like this. They make this blog much more fun to keep up to date.


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MyTelusMobility is a portal made by Telus for Telus Mobility customers to personalize and gain access to key services within their Telus Mobility account.

I bet they invested a lot of money on myTelusMobility. I know I'd want to steer people away from their telus mobility customer service representatives who, in my opinion, are the worst in the industry.

Now if MyTelusMobility was good enough so that you never had to speak with a telus mobility customer service representative, that would be amazing!

My advice - if you're stuck with Telus Mobility and you can't get out, go register a mytelusmobility account and hope you never have to speak with anyone live.

Watch your bill closely though, a little bit of research online will show Telus overcharges people with no remorse. If you're new and considering Telus Mobility, I suggest you do your research and scour Google for people's experiences with Telus. You just might change your mind.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Telus Mobility Customer Service Sucks

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Anonymous just put this comment on 12 of my posts, so I figured I'd dedicate a whole post to him/her! Cheers Anonymous!

telus mobility is the worst company ever to deal with ... there customer service is horible, they put people on the phone that has mental problems to deal with .. there is never a manager around to talk to ... I do not know why I stayed with them for so long ... over 15 years ... everytime I write a ba post they DELETE IT ... but I just signed a three year contract with them and had problems for 3 month with my phone and the features on it .. when I talked to 6 different people asking for a new phone .. they tell me that I signed the contract already and they can't do anything for me

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