Thursday, April 16, 2009


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MyTelusMobility is a portal made by Telus for Telus Mobility customers to personalize and gain access to key services within their Telus Mobility account.

I bet they invested a lot of money on myTelusMobility. I know I'd want to steer people away from their telus mobility customer service representatives who, in my opinion, are the worst in the industry.

Now if MyTelusMobility was good enough so that you never had to speak with a telus mobility customer service representative, that would be amazing!

My advice - if you're stuck with Telus Mobility and you can't get out, go register a mytelusmobility account and hope you never have to speak with anyone live.

Watch your bill closely though, a little bit of research online will show Telus overcharges people with no remorse. If you're new and considering Telus Mobility, I suggest you do your research and scour Google for people's experiences with Telus. You just might change your mind.

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Summer said...

I calle dtelus today and spoke to someone because I can no longer view text messages on line. If it is your account and your money this should still be a feature. For example a women whos son ran away and was smart enough to turn his phone off so the kid tracer did help but text his friends as to his location and was found safely. I used the feature to keep in contact with my daughter who suffered from anxiety and depression as she doesnot always talk about her emotions I could view some messages with friends to ensure she would not harm herself. Again if I pay the account it is not FOIP and once I sign on to the account I am agreeing to share and see my information which again is my right and privacy is not always a term to hide behind. Other companies still offer the service and if I didn't still have 15 months left to my account I would switch for my daughters safety. Please if this also upsets you please take a few minutes to sign on to yur telusmobility account or call using *611 for you cell phone and ask for the feature back. Thanks and god bless you.

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