Thursday, April 16, 2009

Telus Mobility Public Relations - NARCs

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I just saw this nice comment by anonymous Mike, maybe like Telus Mike? Ok, that's just a conspiracy theory, but really! Come on - what self respecting Netizen leaves a comment like this (short, to the point, well-written, dripping with Telus Mobility Advertising lingo)...

Mike wrote:

"Telus is a great company, I just resigned for a 3 year contract with all the usuals. unlimited text,250 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings/weekends and bundle 12. Next time i'll ask for unlimited data for free."

and Bundle 12!? Sorry Mike, you're a douche - what agency do you work for? Telus PR people, please sprinkle more comments like this. They make this blog much more fun to keep up to date.


Anonymous said...

Have been with Telus for about 40 years. Just rec'd my July bill and noted that there are Jan/09 long distance calls on it. Seemed strange to me, so I called Telus and the response was: They just updated something and discovered I was never billed for such and such calls in Jan/Feb/Mar. Now, 8 months, later because of their own shortcomings they expect me to pay this bill? No way to tell if I even made the calls, as I do clinical calls and never know the recipients.

Worst business practise I have ever all my life.

After all this time I am switching to Shaw, as I can get no resolve from Telus.

I will follow this Telus bill all the way to court.

S. Mumford

Anonymous said...

40 years huh?
Ya, you were probably right with the long distance mistake.

(i wonder if you can sense my sarcasm?)

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