Sunday, December 6, 2009

Telus Mobility

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Telus Mobility is not Canada's top wireless provider. In fact, if you're looking at Telus Mobility from a customer service perspective, it's actually one of the worst cell phone companies in Canada.

Since I've started this blog, we've grown to over 1500 visitors per month. People visit the site, leave their Telus Mobility comments, and come back to see who else is having Telus Mobility issues. The answer is: thousands of Canadians are sick and tired of being bullied by the seemingly friendly wireless provider.

While Bell doesn't offer the best plans, and Rogers can sometimes be a little bit expensive depending on what promotions might be available, both are a lot easier to deal with in my opinion. I'll be writing more to back this up in the coming days.

Until next time. Stay away from Telus Mobility.



Stephen said...

I was reading an earlier post about a person being charged for long distance calls that they never made.

I have had the exact same problem and received the same response as them, "maybe you don't remember." When did the customer become wrong, this seems like a big conspiracy joke it's unbelievable, and what can we do about it but rant on a website? These companies are hidden behind so many phone numbers and departments that it is impossible to speak to someone who really matters.

Anonymous said...

I've been with Telus since the days of Clearnet in the mid-to-late 90's. I actually just found this website when I was researching to launch a similar site.

Over that time, I have went through probably 6 or 7 phones - the most recent being Palm Treo 700, which eventually died and had to be replaced for $100. Exactly a year ago, I was talked into the HTC Touch Pro because at the time they couldn't get there act together to supply the Blackberry Storm, oh - and another 3yr contract based on LIES by the then salesperson at the Telus store. I used this phone for a week, maybe two but had to reactivate my Treo given many many issues with the HTC. By the time I could make it back to the store, they wouldn't take it back. Now a year later, I'm stuck for 2-more years on a contract which they are in breach of with a piece of technology I can't/won't use.

I've attempted rectifying this situation with Telus, going up the food chain to the manager. The best they would offer me is to buy an iPhone for $400 and they would credit me $50 for each of 3-months off my bill. A zero hard-cost position for them, but a $250 hard cost to me. The HTC I have, worth around $750 or so when it came out, I received for free (because I signed a new 3-year contract)... I simply want to return it and have an iPhone at $0 cost to me - the situation I was in last year that they were not able to provide for - I even said I would reset the contract. Their attitude is they simply don't care. They claim I have "too many exceptions on my account already".

Exceptions... hmmm. Charging me full rate for 40-60% dropped calls in their coverage area? My phone going into roam in their coverage area constantly and me asking for a reverse because their horrid network can't live up to it's claims? Me complaining because while I live in their claimed coverage area, I for some reason have to walk up a hill and hope I can place a 40 second phone call only to be cut off? I don't call these exceptions - I call this Telus' inability to manage a proper network as marketed. I call this lack of customer care. In fact... I call this "False Advertising" - and so does Canadian law... it's illegal.

Though I have limited experience with other providers, Telus imho, is the equivalent of fascism in the wireless and mobility world.

Sadly, Canada's telco carrier industry has little competition (though that is changing). Bell & Rogers are no better than Telus and at the end of the day, the devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don't know.

But it doesn't mean we have to sit and roll over. Please, if you've been 'duped' by Telus - gather your details and let's look at a class action lawsuit against this horrible company!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that I am leaving a comment on Christmas Eve. It is just that I am so frustrated right now that I am about to burst if I don't get this out.

I currently own a Telus pre-paid phone and my husband needs one now as well. I have been attempting to purchase a pre-paid phone from Telus online since earlier this afternoon.

Our community is over an hour drive from the nearest Telus store, we needed a new cell phone by next week, and today was the only day I had time to take care of this.

Every time I attempted to check out with the phone, the screen froze up. I called customer service four times in total today. First, they had me change some settings on my computer and said try it again in 30 minutes.

Still no luck. Tried several more times online and called Customer service back to see if I could order by telephone instead. Not possible apparently, but they transfered me to someone that could help me.

Yes they could help me. Then, I got disconnected. Then I called back and they said it was no problem to order by phone. Then put on hold to have them come back to tell me I was in the wrong department.

Transfer, transfer, transfer, on hold, wait, barely able to hear the person on the other end because they didn't know how to use their headset. Frustrated, finally told must go to store.

Why must I go into the store to purchase a pre-paid phone. I switched from Bell because of horrible experiences and billing issues and customer service nightmares. Telus has proven to be no better.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. Now I must attempt to get back into the holiday spirit, after a wasted day online and on the phone, still with no cell phone ordered, and ready to go back to living without a cell phone again as it appears to be more pain than it is worth.

When will the big companies realize that customer service is paramount. Not automated systems, so many different departments that you must always be transferred, one department not knowing with the other is doing, agents who are not properly trained, and being put on hold for a ridiculous amount of time.

Pathetic customer service should not be acceptable to any company.

Kingpine said...

I have just had a nighmare with Telus, I have been with them since forever, there customer service representatives put down what they want, they are unreasonable, a supervisor I was told will never call back, as soon as my account is paid in full I will cancell all services with telus. I am so upset by the way I was treated and lack of service.

Anonymous said...

mike network sucks

Anonymous said...

Why don't we do something against this blood sucking vampire,I would suggest a demonstration at their head quarter in Vancouver,BC.
Who is with me?

Melissa said...

Telus mobility DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS. A word of warning: they kept charging me month-to-month after my contract expired (and I had already switched to Rogers at this point) without informing me other than putting more and more charges on my credit card, and when I called to remedy this they would NOT reverse the charges.

Anonymous said...

I actually have found Telus to be the most customer service orientated. I have a friend who works at rogers who says he purposely lies to clients about what they will pay on their bill. Think about that one?
Or how about the lack of customer service at Bell...
I have a friend that worked at Bell who says that he was trained to give them a 1-800 number to call and not to do any service in store. I find that rather funny.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Aug. 10 posting... you obviously work for Telus and you're full of crap. Either that or your friends know you're gullible enough to believe whatever bs they tell you. Either way, you're still full of crap.

Anonymous said...

date mistake.. it was supposed to be "Aug. 3, 2010"... but I agree

Anonymous said...

Just another Telus story:

Thankfully I only have a one year contract with Telus. Each experience I've had with Telus' customer service has been painful. First, they did not show up when they said they would for a TV service install. They were supposed to come between 12:00 and 2:00 pm. The installer came an hour before he was supposed to, when I wasn't home, then didn't leave me a phone message even though he had my number. This left me waiting 8 hours on a weekday for him to show up.

When the installer was an hour late, I called customer service. The creepy guy who answered OFFERED ME PORN with no suggestion whatsoever from me (what if my mom had called?). To be clear, I have never purchased porn. He either wanted to make me feel uncomfortable so that I would hang up, or he wanted to see what I was into and talk about it. He also told me that the installer was on his way and would be there within 3 hours.

When the installer was 4 hours late, I called customer service again. This guy told me the installer was off at 8:00pm, so he would come by then. He refused to say Telus was doing anything wrong by making me wait 6 hours so far. I said it was clearly poor management to be up to 6 hours late for an appointment. He didn't think so.

So I waited until 8:00 pm. The installer called me at 8:00 and said he was already there and it was all my fault.

The next day I called Telus and actually talked to a representative that was respectful and concerned about how I was treated. He assured me that it was not Telus' policy to offer porn to unsuspecting customers. He said it was unfair that I had to wait 8 hours, was rudely lied to, and still had no internet or TV. He kindly offered me free services for my troubles. The thing is, he said he could only offer so much at one time. He said, for now, that he would give me one free month of all the TV channels. He made an appointment to call me in one month and extend my services. I was pleased with my treatment.

Today is one month and one week from when I talked to him. I called Telus once again and explained my situation. The woman I talked to (Christine) did not believe a word I said. She told me that everyone gets a free month of all the channels when they install a new service. She offered me some movie channels for three months. I told her that I wasn't interested in free stuff, I was wondering if she could put me in touch with the last person I talked to. She said there was no way to find out who that was. Later, she contradicted herself by offering to send him an email. The entire time she was antagonizing; she did not believe any of my story. She indicated that it was pointless for me to be calling. I asked her to send the email to the man in question and then said goodbye. For the record she didn't give me any of the free services.

I expected Telus to be late for the installation. I did not expect this outrageous fallout.

Anonymous said...

M<an telus sucks balls!

Anonymous said...

I've just had a three day ordeal with Telus that is so long, dealing with so many customer reps with numerous cut offs I can't even be bothered to type it all here. What I do want consumers to know is that I wanted to add satellite TV to the internet and home phone I already had for a 'bundle' because supposedly I would save money and they had a deal with a free PVR.
I was told because I am an existing customer (for about 20 years!) I didn't qualify for the free PVR or Xbox. Why is it Telus is so big on giving free stuff away to entice new customers while shafting the long time loyal customers??? Anyway, my brother in law lives less than a block away from me and he was saying how he signed up for a bundle with Telus .... Sat.TV, homephone and internet and he got a free PVR (3 year sign up contract of course!! this company is famous for their contracts) and the rep on the phone said "oh and because your a loyal customer you can also have a free Xbox"
I asked him how he qualified since he was an existing customer and he showed me a card he got in the mail that said "Switch to TELUS satellite TV and save $20.00 per month plus get a free HD PVR rental"
Well I'm a good customer why didn't I get a card in the mail???
So if your like me and didn't get the cute card with the giraffes, here's the promo code STDC31001
So when Telus tells you, you don't qualify for a bundle with the free PVR because you're an exisiting customer just tell them you got a card in the mail. Hopefully you won't have to go through what I went through!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am having my worset nightmare with telus mobility. I have been their costumer for 6 years, they are now chaging all features that I had, they are offering me what they have in their website. Not even considering my loyalty with them and now, everytime I call them, I hear a complete different story. their representatives are rude and terribly misleading. they will never tell you the truth, and just keep holding you on line for hours and hours. Since last week i have been talking to them more than 5 hours just to make sure they are clear about my plan. the next time I call, I have to start over and then I hear a different version. I am so sick and tired of them. They are big fat liar. Charge you extra anytime they can and we have to be always checking our invoice not to be charged for something we never used. They are the worst.

Anonymous said...

After years of being a telus customer I am going to switch very soon, talus has no respect towards its customers. They change their stories every time I call. They offered me a deal and I accepted, ordered the phone and then they denied what they had offered. So now I am not accepting the phone, but they are again changing what they told me in regard to refusing the phone. They told me I am already in a new 3 yr contract which I did not accept. Now it is unbearably difficult to deal with them. I feel like I am talking to these blood sucker aliens who have no reason in life but make us suffer. Every time I ask them to make a clear note in my account so I do not need to explain for 30 minutes and be on hold for another 30 minutes, but again each time I call, it is as if they have no idea. I will never ever do business with talus. I rather pay double but go with some other provider who respect the customers and treat them like human.

Anonymous said...

I call technical assistance and their response is "I don't know". ???

customer call center said...

I appreciate you doing this for the sake of telus customers. This should be able to bring out a community that will awaken Telus incompetency. The more voices speak the more we will be heard.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so fond of Telus myself and will leave them either in December when my contract expires, or cancel sooner than that. However... a couple of the comments here are absolutely ridiculous. While they pull some ridiculous crap, the customer is apparently not always right, especially when they lack common sense or any real world experience.

1. December 24, 2009 poster: Obviously Telus and its competitors do not manufacture these phones. They usually sell you overpriced warranties, but if it breaks down you're SOL unless you bought a warranty with Telus or there's a manufacturer warranty. Why the hell would they have to give you a new phone for free? It's not their mistake.

2. Melissa, obviously you've never had a lease or a cellphone contract before. It ALWAYS defaults to month-to-month after the contract period expires, unless one of the parties involves informs the other that they are cancelling.

Anonymous said...

I hate telus. First of all, be warned that when you want to cancel your account, you have to let them know a month in advance otherwise they charge you for it. I didn't know this, so was unaware I had to pay this. So whatever, I just wanted it to be done with so i paid it to telus. Now when i actually phone to discuss it with them, they tell me they don't deal with me anymore and that I have to deal with a money collecting agency. So basically i paid telus money that they would have been able to transfer so this whole situation would have been avoided. but oh wait,nevermind apparently they don't deal with it anymore. because you know, I really wanted to pay something twice. just fantastic. thanks a lot telus.They really do not stick to their slogan

real estate philippines said...

I wonder what happened and you are not posting here anymore.

Anonymous said...

I despise Telus. It is a disgusting company. I have a blackberry and it is literally falling apart, yet I've done nothing to make it do so. I'm 2 years into my contract and ask for an early upgrade because I can't even type on this thing anymore, and they try to charge me well over 100 dollars to upgrade to the iPhone 4G which is currently being given away for free. Why anyone would sign up with Telus I haven't the slightest clue. Poor customer service, terrible plans, and generally awful company.

Anonymous said...

I hate Telus..they are the sneakiest most horrible company ever. My bill has double consistently since I left Rogers. (and I use it a lot less)

Thank you for giving me a place to say so. I tell as many people as I can not to go with Telus. They are cheats who will steal any dime they can from you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was with Bell and they are the worse customer service ever. I had my phone stolen and was told that I could replace the phone with another at the store. I asked if I can just walk into the store to get the replacement and the lady said yes. I asked her 3 times to be sure and all 3 times i got the same answer yes. So I went to the store and was told that no that I would have to speak to customer service in which I have already have and they would send me a replacement for a small fee. I am paying up my bill and tell them to cancel my plan and not to bother me again.

Anonymous said...

customer service in telus and other organisations were rude and condescending. i hate it.

Anonymous said...

I got a cellphone with Telus years ago, my monthly fee was "suppose to be $39.99" My first bill was $245, why? I STILL DON'T KNOW! Regardless, I paid the $200 and told them I would send the remaining $45 in a few days.(I had a tight budget back then) They then proceeded to cut off my service that day or the next and sent me a second bill $100+.

I called to explain "again", and then received another bill for $400+ I called refusing to pay those fees and then received another bill for $900. I called them and they said the previous charges were late payment fees and the $900 was because they had been forced to terminate my contract due to late payments.

Flash forward to 2013 I received a "pleasant" call from a collection agent telling me I owe $2,200 due to interest.

I was young then and wish I had been more assertive in confronting them about fees for a service I have never really got to use.

Anonymous said...

Worse waste of time, energy, and MONEY!! worse company ever! if there was a price they'd win!!

Angela Brooks said...

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Matt Lopers said...

I have had 4 months of crap from this company. I bought a new phone because my old one finally shut down and broke completely. Since then I have gone through hell. I've called them over 20 times in 2 months with billing problems (they seemed to think I should put a $200 deposit on a phone I bought outright) they then had me making long distance calls I never made. My bill went up a random $10 for no reason and many MANY other problems. Of all the times I've called I've had 1 enjoyable experience and a week later all the progress I made was reversed. I just now got off the phone with them because my Sim card crapped out.. I was told managers never speak with customers and he could transfer me to a colleague but he wouldn't be able to do anything either.
When did companies start to forget if not for us customers they wouldn't have a business at all. Why are we no longer treated with respect or even common decency. I have been sworn at, called names and told I'm a deadbeat... Down right disgusted with this company!

Anonymous said...

anyone with Telus should go to any other provider asap, they are the worst i have ever seen. imo get out as fast as you can. they dont care at all and not even close to friendly.

Anonymous said...

One positive thing about Telus employees.
They give that banjo playing kid from Deliverance someone to look down at...

Alfred said...

Oh god..8 years later and Telus still sucks. I left a bad review on this website (, and I think you should do it too!
Greetings from Vancouver

Anonymous said...

I bought a mobile hotspot on a two year plan from Telus Mobility and had nothing but issues with it. First month the bill was $85 because you have to do more than just disconnect the wifi, but completely power it off or it just kept allowing connections.

Next month the bill was back to $10.50 until it wouldnt power on one day. It was a brick and past its warranty. So I logged in to my Telus accou t and marked the device as missing/stolen to deactivate it. Telus no longer sells this device :(

My contract ends Feb. 3 of 2018 so I have been just paying the $10.50 and planned to cancel. Ive tried several times to get through customer service to buy it out just to be on hold forever.

Today, however, I get a notification from TransUnion that there was a change to my credit report. Telus, has put a DELINQUENT notification on my credit report for $11!!!! Which has reduced my score by 50 points!

Telus apparently counts 30 days not from the due date but from the date they send the bill. I will never due business with Telus ever again. My business cell has been with Bell since 2003 and there has never been an issue. 6 years this delinquent notice will be on my credit file for a device I cannot use under a contract I have to pay to cancel.

Never, never ever will I be a Telus customer again.

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