Saturday, June 13, 2009

Telus Internet

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Does anyone know anything about Telus Internet? In Ontario, people are primarily dispersed between Bell and Rogers. I would be very interested to know what people's experience with Telus Internet has been. I would expect the customer service is terribly similar to Telus Mobility customer service which is of course almost criminal, if not fully criminal in my opinion.

Feel free to comment about your Telus Internet related experiences. We welcome all feedback regarding Telus. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm in Alberta and have had TELUS internet (high speed) for at least 10 years. I have never had a major problem, but have had to reset the ADSL box a couple of times. Always comes back fast. Anytime I've called in the techs were always friendly and more than helpful - they've even helped me troubleshoot PC problems that weren't related to TELUS internet. Who could ask for more?

Just two weeks ago I had to replace a cell phone (I sat on it with the flip open, oops). Anyways, went into the store and picked out a shiny new one - just renewed my contract at got it for free. I don't know much about cell phones but the store reps were excellent and the whole process was super easy. I couldn't be happier.

Linda in Calgary said...

Telus Internet - not a good choice and beware! I'M STILL BEING CHARGED DESPITE CANCELING. My question is are their 'verbal contracts' legal? Here's a brief story. Last year in July I signed up for the promotional rate of high speed internet. I called through Customer Service and got the rate over the telephone. When I tried to cancel today as I am moving, they said that I would be charged $120 cancellation fee whether I had one day or one year left on the contract. I have 4 months so if I was charged the usual 1 or 2 month cancellation fee that would be $20-$40. When I said that I don't remember the contract 'MARY' (who refused to give me her last name... why?) stated that I never got written contract, only a verbal agreement over the phone. I told her that I spoke with someone directly who gave me a written contract before I called. MARY insisted that we have a binding 'legal' agreement but a verbal agreement is worth the paper it is written on. I have 2 graduate degrees and a good memory. I don't remember receiving the info about $120 cancellation, and where is it written that I agreed to those conditions?

I was so unhappy that I emailed the newspapers and the consumer columnist of the Toronto Star had the exec assistant of some VP here in Calgary call me. She ASSURED me THAT VERBAL CONTRACTS ARE LEGAL... called me and promised me that at the end of the year the contract (beginning of July) would be canceled and I would never be charged again..... What a joke! Obviously the verbal contracts to be respected are one-sided: them charging us. Three days ago I was charged $41.95 for the month of July when the contract was to have ended.

Do you know what is most infuriating? They claim that I agreed to a verbal contract and they have it in their system. Yet, when I say to cancel my contract at the END of the contract period, they have no record of it. So again, how can a verbal contract have any legality? It is all one-sided especially once they have our credit card numbers. Don't use automatic billing and beware of 'verbal' contracts. Better yet, DON'T USE TELUS.

Shmoo said...

My story is bitter sweet with a lot more bitter then sweet.

I got for Christmas a mini notebook from my boyfriend. I it love so much! It’s a gateway notebook that is ruby red and it does really well. He got it for a deal that was free.... IF you went with wireless internet key contract for 2 years from Telus. I never used Telus before, and I should of did my research, but my boyfriend seem that he did and the advantage was you can literally have internet anywhere. So if you are in the park and want to do some blogging you can!
Sound pretty great to me. It was 35$ a month plus tax for 1g. Which for people who are laughing at me because they know what I am about to say and wished I knew you guys before so you could of warned me, but at that time I don't really know how much memory I use on the internet at a daily basis. Now I frigin do...
Naturally at work I do most of my daily internet tasks, and when I get home I don't use the internet often. My boyfriend does because at his job he can't get on to the internet.

So 1G seemed enough... Boy was I wrong. Basically if you spent 5 hours on the computer you would of blasted through that 1g easily.

I've had to upgrade to 2G because my bills were at the 100$ mark and I keep swearing that no one I know who has internet pays that. They would have to download 1000g for that bill kind of bill. It's are only source of internet at home and it charges like a mobile phone. (That is why I don't have internet on my phone because of the stupid pyramid scheme bullshit mobile phone a-holes have.) The reason we thought it was so great is we are still young and we probably moving to different cities and we didn’t want to install internet line at our apartment if we were moving in a year. But this is terrible at this rate we won’t be able to move in a year, maybe in 4 years if I keep this up.

So I am sticking with it until this January so I have only 1 year of payment to do, but with what people have been telling me I am asking in advance through e-mail how much it will cost only so I have a written document . On my contract which is a terrible contract it gives you a vague idea that if you don’t complete your contract there will be a fee for each month you didn’t complete and the cost of the use and damaged dealt with the key, so I am not even 100% sure how much I will have to pay to get those parasites off my money. So if they write one thing in my e-mail and tell me something else on the phone I can bitch slap it in their faces.
Apparently I read on another blog 20$ a month plus the use of the key which I think I saw the price 400$!!! Pardon my language but WHAT-THE-FUCK! It's not even plated gold. I swear after this if my boyfriend decides to get me something like this again and there is a contract with it, I’ll be running for the hills. This Xmas I told him as a gift I want him to pay my cancelling fees. :S

Anonymous said...

We had telus internet for 2 years, started good but very soon went down. Almost everyweek we had spyware, we had purchased their own antivirus and spyware but still. Since we switched to shaw, none of those problem are happening.

Anonymous said...

I live in Alberta and am currently attending College in Red Deer. When I moved down I signed up for Telus internet from the Telus guy that was hovering, smothering all the new students at residence asking if they wanted to sign up for internet. So I gave him my information (box #, address, credit card number and drivers licence number. Two days later he came with the modem and set me up.
A couple months later, my internet just died. I called after 3 days only to have the person I talked to tell me that my credit card wasn't set up, so they cut off my internet because the bills hadn't been paid. I also found out that my billing address was incorrect, my DOB was incorrect, and my drivers licence # was incorrect. After giving them all the new information, as well as setting up my credit card again, they said my internet would be up again in 2-48 hours. 37 hours later it was back.
Today my modem decided to die. It has been a month since my last call to Telus. I was on hold for over an hour, and then when someone finally answered they said that they would send a new modem, free of charge, to my address. When he read my address to me to confirm that it was the right one, it was not. My drivers licence # is also incorrect. They had an address for me in Ontario. Then when verifying that my real address "actually exists" they couldn't find it, so asked for my neighbours number. I live in residence, so their address is the same as mine, as well, as we are all students who live here, none of us have a landline that is attached to an address. Then the call was cut off, and no one bothered to call me back.
So I called again only to be put on hold again.
I am VER"Y unhappy with telus.

Anonymous said...

I'm living in Vancouver and recently have very bad experience with Telus.
I ordered the internet service online on Feb. 25th, and had been told my sevice would be activated on March 4th, in addition, I would recieved both modem and free xbox360 at that day. None of them happened. I started calling Telus customer service to figure out what's going on, but they didn't pick up my phone even though I called them thousand times until I told the system I was going to discontinue the service. A lady picked up th phone call after two rings(I should've done that 7 days ago).

Finally the custom service arranged their technic guy to come to my place and fixed the problem on March 12th. At the moment I asked about my xbox 360, which I didn't recieved yet. She told me it took 4 weeks from the date "I ODER THE SERVICE". I thought everything would be all right but of cource I was wrong.

When I recieved my first bill, I was surprised because Telus charged me from March 4th. That were another thousand calls and 4 days later another lady picked up the phone. She changed the bill I have to pay. Again, I asked about my xbox360. SHe told me it took 4weeks from the date "MY SERVICE GOT ACTIVATED". My originally activated date was March 4th so I should revieved it by April 4th. It's different to I heard last time but I believe them again.

Today, I decieded no to wait longer any more so I call them again. The custome service insisted I order the service on March 1st, and my sevice had been activated on March 4th. When I proved that it was March 15th, she changed her words but mentioned that Telus "AUTOMATICALLY" give me credit to not to pay the money during March 4th to March 15th. I think her point is Telus do every right, and I'm the guy how call them to make some trouble. About the Xbox 360, she said it takes 4-6 weeks to reicieve it, but she rejected to promise the time I will have that no matter next week or next two weeks, or even in this month. Finally she promised giving me a feedback tomorrow for the status of my xbox 360. I have to say I totally don't believe she will call me. They already fool me enough.

There are two thing I'd like to let you guys know:
1. If you want to have a Telus customer service without waiting for hours, call them and announce you're gonna discontinue the service. They'll pick up the phone as soon as if you're burning thier house.
2. Don't trust their words. They can change what ever they want. The date you ordered, the date the service got activated.The only thing they won't make it wrong is charging you monthly.
3. If they make the bill wrong, it will be always more than you should pay, and never be less.
4. Never use authorized payment. If you have any problem with your bill, they will yalled to you as if you call for charity.

Anonymous said...

I also had a bad experience with the Telus 'verbal contract'. After using the satelite system for a year I moved and cancelled. It cost me $579.00 because they claimed I made a 'verbal 3 year contract'. From then on, if I get a call from cable, phone, bank, or any company I scream at them about their 'verbal contract scam' and hang up on them. This only benefits them. How much do they pay politicians to continue this scam?? It would be easy to pass a law disallowing this practice. How hard is it to use a 'confirm email link instead'.... this allows a 'receipt' for each party and takes about 5 seconds to do.

Richard in Langley

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