Thursday, June 18, 2009

Telus Mobility Customer

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Here's a Goodie from a Telus Mobility Customer who I think it's fair to say will never be a customer again with Telus Mobility:

I recently received a large bill from Telus Mobility after transferring my numbers to Rogers, due to poor cellphone reception and customer service issues. The bill contained (amongst other charges) a $240 cancellation fee. Upon contacting Telus customer service, I was informed that there were service contracts remaining totaling 9 months between two phones that were on the account (72 month commitment between the 2, 63 months fulfilled).

I requested a compromise for the 9 months remaining, since the value Telus attributed to the 72 month commitment was $400 (their quote to me), I offered to pay back the percentage remaining 9/72 of $400 or $50 total.

The agent refused to compromise - I then offered to reactivate the account in order to payout the remaining contract. They would not take this option either.

Finally, I quoted the more than 11 years (between the 2 phones) that I had been a customer (a telus mobility customer) - and asked was it their intention to make sure I would never be a customer again? The agent commented that they can not do any crediting of these fees.

I then asked if they would like me to cancel my other accounts (home phone, etc) with Telus?

The agent offered to do so immediately if I would provide her the numbers.

It's unfortunate that this is how Telus would treat a long-time customer, happily canceling accounts and leaving a sour taste that will long ensure I will never do business with Telus again.

You can find the original article here:

Telus Mobility folks, there you have it. They treat their Telus mobility customers like nobody else. And, I don't mean that as a good thing.



Anonymous said...

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Hsinchu, Taiwan

Anonymous said...

Your leaving telus for another company...Why the hell would they care about your business when your just took it else signed a 3 year contract you dont get credited for breaking it to go to another company its not rocket science.

customer call center said...

Big companies only care for money. I am having the same experience here with one of the big telcos. Maybe i should write a blog for them too.

Inbound Call Center said...

thanks for the info!!
it so sad thing that happen to you!! hopefully you find another good companies that good for you!!

Anonymous said...

Made the mistake of having our numbers ported over to another company four days before our contract was up...should have done more research as we are now being charged $100 for each of our three phones because we broke the contract. Yes, that's $25 per day per phone. Definitely ensures that we won't ever go back to Telus especially considering they have been after me for 6 months to upgrade our phones and re-sign on for another 3 years...

Anonymous said...

why would a company compromise if you are cancelling with them? haha rogers/ bell/ virgin ...none of them would.

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