Saturday, June 13, 2009

Telus Mobilty

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Read this before you visit Telus Mobility. Oops, you spelled Telus Mobility incorrectly. You typed in Telus Mobilty. Seriously though, we think you should probably visit some other website. First, though have a look around the blog. I'm sure you'll find a good reason not to sign up to become a telus mobility customer.

Telus Mobilty aka Telus Mobility for those who can type (sorry!) is just a plain bad idea. Really, I'm not just trying to be a jerk. Do your research before you invest in a 3 year plan. You will thank me one day that you haven't been locked in to Telus Mobility crying yourself to sleep.


Anonymous said...

You really are one sad soul. If I was you (thankfully I'm not) I would have already ended my life. When one has nothing better to do with their life than create a blog to complain about their cellphone provider that's when I would have woke up, realized how much of a loser I am, and ended it. Good luck to you loser!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous clearly either hasn't dealt with Telus customer service, or works for them.

They don't care. Every time I've talked to them I can hear it in their voice they don't care. They care least of all about customer loyalty. If you're 10 years in or a new customer, they treat you equally as shitty.

Virgin somehow has better customer service. The only other company with service that matches in comparison is PC Financial. I don't think it's the people they hire though, I think it's the restrictions they have on giving credits and using their brains.

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